Did you recieve help?

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  • Sassy

    I asked for help from the elders three times. First when I left my first husband after he committed adultry. I moved to a new hall and asked to talk with them, so they could understand what I was dealing with. They told me since my ex husband only admitted to me privately about the adultry, even though we divorced I must still respect his headship and obey him. Oh yes, that was encouraging. The next time I approached elders (new hall) about the problems I was having with my son hitting me when he lost his temper. They told him to apologize afterward. Never said that he shouldn't do it in the first place. The last and final time I approached them, was when my 2nd husband turned into a fraud for a green card. I tried to live with him any way, figuring that I made my bed and had to sleep in it (so to speak). But he was devious and lying to me and finally was so cruel and mean he was pushing me to suicidal tendancies, so I kicked him out and then contacted them to let them know. They made me take him back and said I married him and was stuck with him. There was never a phone call or anything to see if things were ok. I went to two meetings after that. One two months later and the memorial. No one ever bothered to check on me or see why I stopped going. Now I don't care. It all adds up to my reasons for quiting. There is supposed to be the identifying mark of love but finally I realize it isn't there. Three different sets of elders and none of them showed love.

  • shamus

    Just more testimonials as to why Jehovahs Witnesses are not the true religion.

    "All will know my followers if you have love amongst yourselves".

  • Dansk

    I've mentioned this before, but some may have missed it. There are others from my ex-cong who post here and once, while we were all sitting together, decided to try and come up with the name of an elder we thought was helpful or could confide in. We couldn't come up with a single name between us!! Nuff said!


  • iiz2cool

    I asked for help a few times, and each time I didn't get any. It usually ended up in my hearing some sort of asinine comments from the elders, and there was no confidentiality. Anything I asked the elders about became public knowledge within a few days. They always made the situation worse.


  • Sassy

    That always bothered me.. the 'sharing of imformation' from elders, especially when it went home to wives who were big mouth gossips in the congregation. Yeah, that definately gives you the feeling of being helped.



    When I first became a dub I got alot of support from the R&F. That changed the day I got baptised.

    After my child was sexually abused none of my family, including the abused child, got any help. Not only no help, not even a smile or a conversation at the hall.

    Then a year after the incident the elders, rather than help me..........a distressed mother concerned about the pedo playing with other children in the congo............... df'ed me to shut me up.

    After my reinstatement I still got no help..................all they did was withold privelages for as long as they could, until we changed congos.

    And since fading over a year ago we still haven't received help.

    But let's face it.................their the ones who need help right!

    Cheers, Bliss

  • shamus

    That's right, Bliss.

    It's just interesting to read all of your stories on how they "helped" you... LOL! I mean, really. Are there no good stories? I had one elder that tried to cheer me up,,,, but that's it.

    When I faded away and changed towns, the one elder knew where I was. I never asked for my publisher card, of course... so god only knows where it is right now... but my point is WHY DIDN'T ANYONE CALL ME TO SEE IF I WAS OKAY? Wouldn't they have at least wondered? What kind of human dececy do they pretend to have?

    And keeping you quiet re: Child molester pedophoile in congregations.... to some ppl lurking it may sound far fetched. I can assure you that it's not.

  • sens


    I hate this religion



    Thanks for your kindness.

    I hate that religion too. Thank god we're out.

    TY (((((((((((Sens))))))))))))))

  • ozziepost
    all they did was withold privelages for as long as they could

    Strangely, they would say that was to help you!!! You can't win with that 'logic', can you?

    Frankly, in retrospect, they've done us a favour, haven't they?

    Hi Bliss, say hi to Mr Bliss for us.

    cheers, OzzieCheers 2

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