Did you recieve help?

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    Estee said........

    The elders seem rather quick to blame the victim, compounding the abuse ... rather than providing support and safety for the victims. Certainly the elders are unqualified men.

    That is the truth!!!!!!!!!

    When my family went through it, the elders made us feel like we were complainers and that unless I forgave the pedo I would not have god's spirit.

    I remember one day calling the 2 elders who were 'dealing' with the situation, to get some love and support. The whole thing was getting difficult, seeing the pedo at the meetings, my child being ignored, my hubby and I shunned and my teenagers missing out on social gatherings. When they came over I started to talk about how I was feeling and as I spoke I became upset and started to cry. One elder jumped up out of the chair and in a raised voice said to me, "I wash my hands of this matter. I can't stand it, every time we come here you get emotional!!!!!!!" And basically worked his way to the front door and within minutes was gone.

    I guess he didn't really wash his hands of the matter because a few months later HE was one of the elders that set me up with false witnesses and df'ed me!

    I feel sorry for all who have told their stories of the various forms of abuse dished out by the borg. We are amongst friends here, we do get some support here and we can empathise here. Thanks goodness for that.

    (((((((((((((((((((((to all)))))))))))))))))))))

    Cheers, Bliss

  • morty

    Many times I asked for help.....but never recieved it......or if I asked a question, they answered with a question



    Argh!!...what a poignant story...

    I wish the elders would see how shabbily they treat the victims in their congregations. They just don't, however. They are under the delusion that they can do no wrong because they were appointed by the Holy SpiritTM. Well, what a sick joke that is ...



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