Did you recieve help?

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  • Panda

    I went to the elders to report the PO having jumped on my friend and tickling her and holding her down as she repeatedly told him to get off. They basically ignored me. They also refused to believe me (claimed the 2 witness rule) about a close friend (wife of the PO) who was an alcoholic. EVERYONE denied knowing this. Even her family who complained about her drinking. She was literally killing herself while her husband was screwing a pioneer sister. So she died. Do they feel any responsibility? Probably not.

  • sens
    I went to the elders to report the PO having jumped on my friend and tickling her and holding her down as she repeatedly told him to get off.

    and they just ignored this??? omg!...well yer I shouldnt be so shocked.

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    My experience of elders is identical to that of white men in positions of middling authority: some are assholes, some were indifferent, some did there best in situations where they were unqualified by training and education, and a few were good men who took the job seriously, and worked hard to make a difference.

    Some of them sucked - but no more than in any similar group. Some of them were men I respect to this day.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Did you recieve help?

    Yup they were wonderful. They helped me right out the door as fast as they could shove me. And they are really kind and loving cuz they won't allow me to come back.

    I thought that was very considerate of them. Well maybe not at the time but I certainly do now.

  • Gadget
  • Poztate

    Help from elders only comes in two forms.

    1. Encouragement to do more,study more,give more and think less.

    2.Help to kick you out the door if #1 isn't working.

  • nobody told me
    nobody told me

    ZERO HELP in 20 years

    Plenty of emotional abuse.

    When they lovingly wanted to discipline me, I told them to kiss my butt.

    Sometimes it makes me so sad that it took so long to see what a truely self center organization this is.

  • breal

    I asked for help, someone to study with me and go in service with me. No response. So much for sheparding the flock. Ah well - worked out for the best in the end cuz that may have just prolonged the inevitable.

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    I never considered asking an elder for help. I had loving parents.

    This is going to make me really look bad, but who cares. I had elders gawking at me all the time. One elder in his 30's approached me to tell me he felt my dress was too form fitting, too tight. I was a little pissed at him anyway so I told him I was glad he noticed my figure and that I was certain his wife would dress just like I do if she could pull it off.

  • SanFranciscoJim

    I had a drinking problem the entire time I was a JW. I repeatedly went to the elders to confess my "sin" of having gotten drunk, but was told things like "Then just don't drink so much next time", and "If you have a repentant attitude each time you get drunk, Jehovah will forgive you." In essence, they gave me free license to be an alcoholic.

    I am certain that their attitude about alcoholism came from the fact that the P.O. of the congregation was rarely seen outside the Kingdom Hall without a martini in his hand. They didn't dare punish me for something that at least one congregation elder himself was guilty of.

    When it came to matters of sex, though, they watched me like hawks eyeing prey.

    (I am now 16+ years sober, no thanks to the JWs.)

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