Did you recieve help?

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  • shamus

    Did you ask or recieve help from the elders?

    If so, were they helpful?

    I did once... they're help was more troubling than not. It was delivered in an unloving way.

  • sens

    There was only one elder in our cong that I felt I could ask for help...the other 2 were complete powerhandle jerks.

  • Scully

    Yes. When I was severely depressed, I asked one of the elders in writing for help to keep me regular in field service. I would have panic attacks going door-to-door, so I thought that a temporary arrangement of going on Bible studies with some pioneers would be a way to help me maintain a consistent average in service. At that point I was still going door-to-door every week (we had the book study and service arrangements in our home) but I would find that I had to cut it short when the panic attacks would overwhelm me.

    The next thing I knew, one of the pioneers came up to me and told me to 'get my own damn Bible studies', plus it seemed like everybody in the congregation had been told that "Sister Scully doesn't want to go in service anymore."

    I suppose that was helpful, in a round about way. It helped me to see what a nasty bunch of people they were, and that they did not display the kind of love that would identify Jesus' true disciples.

    Love, Scully

  • sens
    The next thing I knew, one of the pioneers came up to me and told me to 'get my own damn Bible studies'

    omg! what a ****** ....

  • shamus

    Scully,,,,, omg!

    The term horrible pricks is not enough to call them.

    I know what you mean, Scully. I was a weak asshole with depression.... a piece of watchtower meat that could either go to they're meetings or not. They didn't give a crap one way or another.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    Scullys description brings back memories...of what it was like to be part of that organization.

    No, I never had to approach elders for any help; my Dad was an Elder. My folks, despite being witnesses, were still good loving parents, I cannot discredit them for raising us in that faith. However, when I "exited" JWs, I got into a nasty tangle with all the local Elders ( got a lawyer to sue them personally); and do agree that they are on some power trip ( they really believe that they have the hot line to god). The case never was pursued on my end because the Elders backed off and left me alone; when they realized that they were in danger of losing the houses that they lived in through a court of law

    Once on the outside, I did need help of a different kind.

  • sens
    I got into a nasty tangle with all the local Elders ( got a lawyer to sue them personally)

    what happend?

  • shera

    I went to the elders for help and no ,they didn't give me the help I needed and wanted.

  • invictus

    The only help I ever asked from elders was to give us a phone call from time to time, to help us feel that somebody cares.We were very down at that time - health poblems, loss of loved ones. We even talked to a CO ( very kind man) about what was happening to us(it was a shepherding call that he initiated); when he heard he said: I didn`t know that so much came upon you, in your case it is really true when it rains it pours.Then he asked us what we need and we said if somebody can just call or come for 5 min visit,just to talk and get our minds of the problems.He then turned to two brothers that came with him and asked: Now brothers this is not much to ask, is it? Can you do that?

    Brothers were so eager to offer their help:Of course I will personaly do this and I will do that...Just empty promises.As soon as CO visit was over,we were treated like lepers.No love and no compassion. They gossiped how we are week and not relaying on Jehovah, how we mourn too much and too long, how we need to help oureselves first by regularly coming to the meetings were we can get all the help from loving brothers. All we got on the meetings was Hi and Bye and It`s nice to see you...

    Actually I am pleased that they treated us like that, becuse it helped us get out sooner from "united and loving brotherhood."


  • czarofmischief

    I think the average dub is so overworked that they don't have any energy to spare with "good works" or "charity."

    Nah, I didn't really get help. They just got annoyed and diffed me so they didn't have to deal with me or my problems anymore.

    My revenge will be sweet success in this life as they diddly away their time in their vain pursuits and soul destroying club.


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