Thoughts on Likely Upcoming Changes in the Org.

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  • Vidiot

    In the end…

    …it doesn’t really matter whether they crash-and-burn or mainstream to the point where they’re just another church…

    …either way, any remaining incentive to stay is basically gone.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Vidiot, the remaining incentive is to continue serving Jehovah with like-minded people.

  • Vidiot

    Thing is, you can do that anywhere.

    You don’t have to stay affiliated with an organization that demanded fealty your whole life whilst being unworthy of it.

  • Vidiot
    St. George - “…I thought that was David Splane. We haven't seen much of him of late.”

    Sometimes I think the GB has to draw straws when it comes to presenting the more dodgy stuff to the rank-and-file…

    …then I remember Stephen Lett, and realize some of ‘em actually get stoked about it.


  • joey jojo
    joey jojo
    The death of older Witnesses can be a relief to the religion as they won’t be around to complain about failed prophecies/faulty teachings! Of course, the opposite side of that coin is that these older people are far more faithful than the younger ones would be.

    To remember the significance of the 1995 change, a person would have to be at least 40 years old. Even to grasp the significance of Splanes overlapping generations a person would have to be at least 20 + years old to fully appreciate it.

    Then you have the older group that goes back way further. Those ones might be more faithful, but they are disappearing. When deciding whether they piss off the old generation or the new - what is the GB banking on - the past, or the future? The changes seem to indicate they are banking on the future.

    The older ones will grumble, but due to the sunk cost fallacy, will keep going anyway and the younger ones will love the changes. The ones that disagree will be branded apostates and ignored. This is why everyone that god has killed on the past MAY get a resurrection - even sodomites. The GB has made it clear that apostates (people that critcise them) are the only group that wont make it lol.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I think the powers that be realized that the doctrinal heresies have worked far better than imagined and the asceticism is mostly unnecessary.

  • TonusOH

    Vidiot: any remaining incentive to stay is basically gone.

    With enough of these types of changes, the incentive to leave may also be gone. Make holidays and birthdays a conscience matter, make shunning so rare as to be forgotten, revoke the blood policy, and suddenly you've got a mainstream religion and not a depressing cult. Just change the website link to JWTF_org.

  • ElderBerry

    St. George - “…I thought that was David Splane. We haven't seen much of him of late

    It was David splain, who said “do you think Jehovah would really let all the governing body bethelites and special full-time servants take this vaccine if it was harmful”

    Well, it is harmful David Splain. You will regret saying that. This is more proof than anything else that this is a human run organisation.

    Every member of the GB pushed the vaccine but David Splain is the one most remembered by people keep quoting what he said.

    This is why we don’t see him much these days. Also he was the one with the stick explaining the overlap generations. They really wish they could delete that and hope everyone forgets it

  • Vidiot
    TonusOH - With enough of these types of changes, the incentive to leave may also be gone…”

    Fair point.

    How many would truly want to stay if they didn’t have to, though?

    ’Specially if the premise of “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization” - the main reason they’re compelled to stay - has become so undermined by mainstream reforms that it’s virtually nonexistent.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Unity. Unity. Unity,,unity,unity,unity is what you hear all the time.

    No matter what this Borganization does,,,thats what its all about..

    Actually its uniformity. Conformity. Is what its all about.

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