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  • Billy1000

    Haha; Not quite, just because i believe we don't do everything correctly doesn't mean i don't have my faith.

    I still believe in the teachings and i still have love for God, it is also because of my faith that i find it imperative to find where my faith is rooted within me.

    It is discussion like this that helps

  • jwfacts

    Billy, it is great that you are looking at other points of view. It may even strengthen your belief in the system that you were raised in. But you will always now have in the back of your mind the questions that have been raised.

    It took me over a decade to face the questions I had. Two decades in fact to unbiasedly research some of the questions I had thrown at me whilst preaching as a teenager. As a JW it is hard to face the truth when you are threatened with shunning and destruction for doing so.

    Eventually you will want to know who chose which of the many writings were chosen to be in the particular Bible that you chose to accept. Or why the aggressive God of the Old Testament was pacified somewhat in the New Teatament. Or why Hindus and Muslims can be so sure that their holy writings are the ones to lay down their lives for, beyond the simplistic idea that they are controlled by Satan. (Sorry Christadelphins don't believe in Satan but you will have some similar reasoning for that.)

  • Billy1000

    jwfacts, yes there are always questions, unless you follow blindly, there are always questions.

    It is impossible for me to know what i will be like in 10 years or 20.

    Religion is not perfect, but neither is any part of life.

    I believe in God and his Son, despite which writings were chosen. I want to partake in the blessings that were promised despite Gods pacification as you say it.

    For the other religions they have there reasons as to why they believe and why they do what they do.

    I personally believe that not only one religious group will get Gods promises, how could anyone justify saying that because it does not say that in the Bible.

  • Vanderhoven7
    Yes, I believe that the church consists of people who have the indwelling Spirit of God regardless of which group they are affiliated with. Eternal life is in knowing/loving Father and Son, not belonging to a visible organization.

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