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  • Billy1000

    The Bible states that God is love, Christ teaches to love your neighbour and in fact loving God, and loving your neighbour are the first two fundamental teachings of the new testament.

    That being said many have twisted the teachings, segregating themselves and abandoning others because of the belief.

    The parable of the good samaritan teaches us that all people should be considered as equal (thats how i see it anyway)

    However even those in Christadelphia have misconstrued the teachings to justify their own agenda

  • jookbeard

    Billy ; your God doesn't act particularly loving does he?, and if you add up all the acts of genocide and murder done by your god compared to the Devil in the bible your god comes out on top many times over, what about the 2004 Asian tsunami where almost half a million people met their deaths in the most appalling catastrophic way possible, an event that us mere humans were neither able to predict nor stop, yet your angry,bloodthirsty evil,voyeuristic god of the bible sat back and watched the entire thing because he/she is meant to be engaged in a dick waving competition with the devil? you call that loving? I dont.

  • jwfacts
    The Bible states that God is love, Christ teaches to love your neighbour and in fact loving God, and loving your neighbour are the first two fundamental teachings of the new testament.

    You are cherry picking the parts you like. As I suggested, read the Bible cover to cover.

  • MarkofCane

    I Billy welcome to the forum

    Billy you are in a vary interesting place in your faith. You are waking up to a new reality. We have all crossed the bridge you are standing on. Many here have concluded that religion is a man made utopian fantasy created, as a control mechanism to demand obedience, others here are of the mind that God exist just in a different temple. If you are honest with your question's you will find answers, just keep in mind your answers will be as true, as you are to them. In other words go where it leads you, even if it uncomfortable the truth is the truth no matter what.

    My journey started with just researching the history of our organization. Once the painful realization that it was all built on deception and out right lies set in. I set it aside and move on to the authenticity of the Bible. There are to many to share but I started with Noah Flood then Pharaoh and the exodus from Egypt and the ten plagues. Compare what you have been taught and what the bible says with what the evidence has to say. Look a secular history and archaeology, biology, evolution. Remember; Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, If you chuck it up to God is all powerful and can do any miracle you just have to have faith. Then you will accomplish nothing you are working with preconceived assumptions that you are unwilling or unable to question. JWfacts is a good place to visit, he has done an excellent job with the research.

    My whole family is still in, wife and kids, my parents and siblings, my wife's parents, aunts and uncles. There are some on this site that are 3 or 4 generation JW's. My journey has been very painful for me and my family but necessary, I cant imagine having lived my life in a lie. Where am I now, I consider myself a agnostic with a pinch of atheism. If the evidence presents itself I'm open for discussion.


  • juandefiero
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Results of shunning in my case:

    • I hardly know my brother and his 'wordly' family as I have shunned my brother since he was 18. I think I saw him 5 times in 20 years.
    • I have shunned my sister for about 10 years. My niece and nephew hardly know who who their uncle is.
    • My mother shunned both of them as well, and missed large part of the early years of 3 grandchildren.

    Now, since about September I found out JW are not the truth (and I am confident to say neither are Christadelphians or any other religion)

    • My brother-in-law and his wife have decided to shun me, without even first talking to me about what I decided and why.
    • Most of the friends I thought I had, part of the most loving people on earth, serving the God of love (JW), never talked to me again when they heard (not from me) I quit. How lovely and loving.
    • Friends that do still talk to me and think I'm either insane of fooled by the devil.
    • On the bright side, I started to reconnect with my brother and sister and some friends whom I shunned...

    Religious mandated shunning is evil.

    Any religion that practises shunning and makes people 'kill' their own family, blame it on the victims, and then call that 'loving' is a cult.

  • Acts5v29

    Congratulations Anders for letting your heart breathe!



  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Billy, could you share your thoughts here:

  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    If Billy is cherry picking then what are doing Jwfacts? If people want to cherry pick from the bible isn't it better they pick the good over the bad?
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Imagine a person making money selling cherries.

    He has a basket full of cherries. Half of them healthy, half of them poisonous.

    He picks out the healthy cherries and eats them. He tells you about how healthy these cherries are, and how the guy who grows the cherries is such a nice guy.

    Then he wants to force you to buy and eat the whole basket including the poisonous cherries. "Because the guy who grows the cherries is such a loving and kind guy."

    So, no cherry picking of any kind please.

    "Eat your own godfood" ;-)

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