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  • Phizzy

    Welcome Stephen, I hope you find someone here to discuss the Bible with you, if not the Site you were directed to above is worth a look.

    I have on a number of occasions used the Christadelphians as an example when speaking with JW's, who claim that Jesus chose them in 1919 as his Organization on Earth.

    The JW's ridiculous claim makes no sense when you compare what their religion under Rutherford was like at the time, supporting the War effort etc, and the peace loving Christadelphians, who were truly Conscientious Objectors, from the time of the American Civil War, I believe.

  • pbrow

    I think galaxie made some excellent points.

    I guess before I could get into a biblical discussion with you I would need to know what you believe about the bible. Do you believe that it is literally god's word? Is the bible more or less good stories that we can learn life lessons from? If you in fact believe it is inspired by the creator of the universe, before I pattern my life after its teachings, I would need to know what proof do you have of this? and how is your proof different or more convincing then muslims have for their koran?


  • jwfacts

    Yes i would agree with you that many people and many religions believe that unless you are part of their religion you have no hope

    However i believe and i know that many others believe now that that is not true

    ... three things to get eternal life.


    Repent and be baptised

    This is a contradiction, since you believe eternal life is based on being a Christian. Yet half the world know nothing of Christianity and have no opportunity to ever be baptised. Such a belief is an relic from a past time when people had no idea of how large the world was or the varied belief systems of the different continents.

  • Acts5v29

    Good afternoon Billy,

    By the way, I'm not really trying to start a new religion, nor to explain Revelation (Chinese whispers)

    It was once believed that when a person is part of the "right" religion you get a free pass to whatever blessing you believe to be coming

    I do not think this way, more Christ says three things to get eternal life.

    Love thy God

    Love Thy neighbour as thyself

    Repent and be baptised

    I believe whatever the religion if you do these things you will be given the blessings through the grace and mercy of God

    I think where I differ from you is in the view of what the issue is. Many religions say they can help us get personal salvation, but I believe the issue is far greater than that. As for our ultimate salvation, I think we're in good hands if we trust our Friends in the Heavens.

  • WingCommander
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  • punkofnice
    Welcome Billy. I was once a JW but now atheist. I have seen no evidence that the bible is from a god/s or that god/s exist. Sorry I can't answer any of your questions.
  • Bonsai

    Oh come on Acts 529, the real reason you are here is to peddle your website and " your ministry" which is nothing more than regurgitated Watchtower spin off doomsday bullspit.

    Chinese whispers? Really?

    I doubt your "friends in heaven" have any room for a racist (insert colorful word here) like you.

    FYI we call it the whisper game or messenger game in classrooms here in Asia (Try and guess why)

  • brandnew

    Im with jookbeard on this one......too much mumbo jumbo..

    Unless aliens were just fuckin with people real bad back in them days 😂😂😂


    Mad Puppy

  • MarkofCane

    Hi Billy

    This video really makes you think, nice foundation to build from. check it out.

    Good luck on your journey.

  • Acts5v29


    Of course I will recommend what I have found to be useful - don't we all - but as a removal of fear with no strings attached. Do not confuse it with the manner of fear-inducing religions.

    I doubt your "friends in heaven" have any room for a racist (insert colorful word here) like you.

    That slander should be beneath you - I an not racist.

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