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    So why all the hate, most people in here have made up their mind to leave and i am guessing everyone has different reasons, but why come back to a forum to discuss?

    This forum consists largely of people looking for answers about the JW religion, and those that have moved past that stage and are willing to assist. High control religious groups do a huge amount of emotional damage to their followers. We have been through that, and it is satisfying to help others get through the process in the best manner possible.

    ExChristadelphians are of the same mind. The Christadelphian practices of separateness from the world, and disfellowshipping are methods of undue influence that are very similar to how Watchtower controls their members, and cause huge issues for members that do not believe the doctrine and wish to leave. Forums such as this and exChristadelphian websites save thousands of lives, as it is not uncommon for people that leave high control religious sects to go through periods of depression and to become suicidal.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    What does your faith believe to be the blessings that were spoken of.
    In particular the promises in the garden of Eden, Abraham and David

    I believe that these are ancient myths from the Sumerians that were later hellenized by the Israelites around the third century BCE. There is not a shred of evidence that Abraham was a real person but there is a great deal of evidence that humanity did not start six thousand years ago in a garden of Eden.

    To believe in a literal garden of Eden is deep roots of our homo-sapien heritage that goes back hundreds of thousands of years.

    For example, here's the cave painting of Altamira. Using uranium-thorium dating we know it's around 20,000 years old:

  • Billy1000

    Thank you for your answers

    JWFacts I know exactly what you are speaking of, i may not of experienced it personally but you are correct.

    Christadelphians which in many ways are very similar to JW do separate themselves from the public or as some call it the worldly.

    We will quite openly abandon a person once they decide to leave and in most cases cut all ties with them.

    This i believe is wrong on two counts 1) Due to just a normal moral code and 2) because it goes against the very teachings that they are trying to protect

    I did not know however of how much pain and anguish it has caused to so many people

  • jwfacts

    Here is a link to short shunning experiences of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is heartbreaking to read how people are abandoned for decades by their family for not wanting to be part of the religion. They never truly get over the pain. Jehovah's Witnesses say it is loving, because unless the child returns to following Watchtower doctrine, they will not survive Armageddon. Yet they have been saying that for over 100 years, and generations of families have died shunning family without the arrival of Armageddon. Whilst JWs say this is loving, they will say it is heartless for Mormons, Amish and Christadelphians for doing the same, since each of those religions are false and part of Satan's system.

    Notice how each of these religions have a similar message, yet their children are indoctrinated to believe it that they are somehow uniquely acceptable to God. This is why I think the concept of a single true religion is dangerous.

  • smiddy


    Did you watch the video MarkofCane posted , Dear Believer Why Do You Believer ?

    If you did , was it with a closed mind ? or an open mind ?

    I would suggest you look at it with an open mind.

    The similarities between J.W,`s , Christadelphians also extends to in some respects the Mormons , Assembly of God ,Seventh Day Adventists ,and many other smaller sects.

    Are you aware their are over 45,000 Christian sects alone ?Yet no God has ever put his stamp of approval on any of them

    Another one that comes to mind is one that springs from the Phillipines ,that is very similar to the J.W.`s and even has more members worldwide than the J.W.`s

    Oh , by the way welcome to this forum and good luck on your spiritual journey


  • atomant
    BILLY 1000 try cheers.
  • Billy1000

    It is actually quite saddening how so many can be hurt by teachings which are supposed to be used for good.

    The teachings when not used for a personal agenda are supposed to promote love for all not just those that agree with your ideals

    I am guessing a lot of people here have family who are still active in the JW.

    If it is not to personal, how are they with your personal decision to leave?

  • jookbeard
    its not at all saddening Billy and there is no need to feel sorry for us at all rather you should be celebrating with us, to think I wake up every single morning with no thoughts of an imminent destruction of maybe me or my family or the billions of innocent people on Earth going about their lives in the most ordinary way being murdered by a psychopathic, moody, dirty,narcissistic, perverted, blood thirsty god from a stupid book, thoughts and fantasies like this have no place in our lives these days, we've moved on to far better moral consciousness. The teachings in all honesty do the exact opposite of promoting love Billy, being judgemental and using fear and guilt are not emotions that we need to have .
  • 2+2=5

    Hi Billy1000.

    My JW family basically mourned the death of me and my young children, when I told them I no longer believe. This might sound a tad drastic, but I can assure you this is how it often plays out. The indoctrination is really this strong.

    My JW family has virtually no contact with me.

  • jwfacts

    I am shunned by all JW family and friends. Fortunately some have also left so I do have some contact with my past.

    It is actually quite saddening how so many can be hurt by teachings which are supposed to be used for good.
    What makes you think that. The New Testament is political, bringing the out of date Old Testament in line with more enlightened Greek philosophy. Jesus spoke of bringing enmity between family. Paul speaks of the destructive judgement of God on unbelievers. Modern day interpretation tries to downplay the evil of the Bible, but if you go back and read it cover to cover for what it really says you will find it very different to what you have been raised to believe it says, through the concentration of a few favourite verses.

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