Coronavirus Positive

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  • MeanMrMustard

    You can click on his username, then on the “posted” link (below the threads started link) to see his posts ordered descending by date, and see he was posting 7 days ago. He just didn’t visit this thread.

  • Zilgee

    But that was seven days back. Quite some time now.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Right, but on the previous page, the posts inquiring about his real name so that, perhaps, a welfare check could be called in, were posted 5 days ago. When people were really worried about him, he was gone for just two days.

    I'm not saying we shouldn't care... not at all. If S&R is out there, I hope he checks in. My point is that it wasn't like he was gone for 20-30 days (like the previous posts were implying). You can see Zing was referenced. They were really worried. I am just saying, it is not as bad as they thought just by looking at the post history.

    *BUMP FOR S&R*

  • smiddy3

    Is it just me ? or something just doesn`t seem right about this whole thing ? Doesn`t it seem way out of character for S& R to just ignore all of the concerns that have been posted about his health ? And worrying about him and for him to just ignore all of this ? And not make any comments about it ?

    Geeez , snare if your out there ,please get in contact with us to know your OK ,so we can all relax.

    MMM ,i find it very odd that he was supposed to have posted 7 days ago and not made any comment about all of the people on this forum that have been concerned about his health ?

    And he hasn`t addressed any of these concerns we have about him ?

    Something just does not add up .

  • cofty

    I'm hoping he is just really busy back at work on the hospital frontline.

  • cofty

    The BBC have published a list of all NHS workers who have died of Covid19. I know S&R's name and he is not on the list.

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