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  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I think everyone here is under the impression that I am a Watchtower Sympathizer, I am not. I just like facts and when people say things, which are their opinions but that facts point out as not being true, than that is when I get so motivated to make a comment. I have read posts here, listened to Six Screens and read JWSurvey and seen things that people say, which are opinion, but pass them off as fact.

    There are legitimate things that people on here and former JWs have concerns over without manipulating what is said or trying to pass off opinion as a fact.

    We have seen this so much even in mainstream media and other outlets, where people will pass off their opinion as fact and because the audience already wants to hear that they take it as proof. We saw that recently with the pizza gate issue, where a fake news story caused someone to shoot up a restaurant because he thought the story was real. A lot of people have dissected this and said that the reason that man was so skeptical to believing that story was true was, because he wanted it to be true.

    And just as many people here will accuse Witnesses of just believing what Watchtower tells them is because they want it to be true, same thing that I have seen here and on other sites. Six Screens did a whole story that Watchtower spent 30+ million dollars on blimps so that they could get GB members from Warwick to Brooklyn fast. Without exception people on there believed it whole heartedly because they want to believe it is true no matter what. Lets take away the fact that Warwick to the city even by car is only 1 hour 15 minutes and they did not take into account that there is nowhere to park a blimp anywhere in NYC, and even if they were to park it at JFK, it would take an hour to get from Queens to Brooklyn. But it is what they wanted to believe that Watchtower is this evil organization that has spent millions of dollars on this luxury.

    If you have a dispute with something that I said then present actual facts with it. I presented facts here that there are states that bar ministers from reporting child abuse, so I was waiting for one person to disprove it by actual facts. I don't need more sentiment in my life, I like pure facts.

  • GrreatTeacher

    It's good to be able to identify facts vs. untruths.

    An entirely different skill is being able to lay out an argument and prove your case.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Writing has never been one of my skills. I am able to express myself much better verbally. When I write my thoughts bounce all over the place because well that is just how I think when I am not actively thinking about the matter. For me when I speak I much more actively think about a subject than I can do when i have time to write.

  • ctrwtf

    Dude, if we're talking facts it'll take you an hour just to get to the Tappan Zee from Brooklyn Heights. Just sayin....

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Technically 1 hour from Warwick to the tip of the Bronx which starts NYC. I know from Patterson down to the bottom of Westchester was smooth sailing up until you hit the Bronx.

    And sorry ctrwtf, I didn't say from Warwick to Brooklyn was an hour and a half, but rereading it that was the intention that could have been inferred from the point.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    a person who agrees with or supports a sentiment or opinion:

    "a Nazi sympathizer"
    synonyms: supporter · backer · well-wisher · advocate · ally ·
  • waton

    A blimp flying from Warwick to Brooklyn would seriously interfere with the take-offs from Laguardia. The governing body would be closer there to heaven than they normally think, and NY be ready for another landing in the Hudson. That idea is for the birds, so much hot air, balloon baloney. added,

    ps. when I was young, the Hindenburg flew over Manhattan, displaying the symbol of the thousand year Reich, on the way to disaster, is that what inspired that wt nutty news?

    The easiest factual irrefutable fallacies of wt can be found in their current teachings, but who cares?


    I think everyone here is under the impression that I am a Watchtower Sympathizer.....RO

    WBT$ Apologist works too..

    Six Screens did a whole story that Watchtower spent 30+ million dollars on blimps..

    Six Screens..?????..

    I`ll bet Rick had "Johnny the Bethelite" reporting from a closet inside the Blimp..LOL!!..


    Debunking six screens is no achievement,by any stretch of the imagination..

    You`re not helping yourself..

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Outlaw. Please explain why you call me an apologist?

    Would you call a person on a jury who chooses not to find someone guilty, if they need more proof and facts than were given. I am not saying I should judge people, but I do require proof of things. Accusations and stories are not proof.


    Outlaw. Please explain why you call me an apologist?

    You ignore anything that doesn`t fit your narrative..

    You ask questions that have nothing to do with what was posted..

    You outright make shit up..

    All In Favour Of The WBT$..


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