Not a sympathizer

by Richard Oliver 130 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Fisherman
    I presented facts here that there are states that bar ministers from reporting child abuse, so I was waiting for one person to disprove it by actual facts. I don't need more sentiment in my life, I like pure facts.

    One fact about mandatory reporting in some states is that a Penitent can sue for breach of confidentiality protected under the US Constitution. Very simple solution if the US gov wants clergy to report crimes- change the law, period. -No more Catholic church confessions and no more JC. No penitent will be stupid enough to confess his sins or ask for any spiritual help. End of religious freedom and end of religion. But no end to child abuse because the deviants will find ways. But as the law stands now, Clergy can be sued and Penitent confidetialty is protected under the Constitution. Don't get angry with the church, blame the constitution.

    If the church reports, they loose their clients and can be sued. If the church does not report, they are sued.

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