I am not redsetter, here is his message for you

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    You read this correctly. As I explained in an earlier post, I am a "ghostwriter" for the original resetter. I'm a woman, a PIMO regular pioneer working for my friend who was redsetter1 on Reddit. redetter2 is my pseudonym. I plan on escaping this cult in a month. My friend will resurface online on his own at a later date with 2 things, as explained in this short message.

    My dear... *******

    I hope you are keeping well. I will keep myself away from the online EXJW forums for the time being. There are 2 things I will provide in the coming months.

    A link to the annual meeting in October

    Further updates on the "10 year plan"

    All the best on your efforts to leave, please be careful!

    Without putting my friend at risk, redsetter1 is a prominent JW at World Headquarters, with enough influence to have a say on some changes in the Organization. However I can say that he is not a member of the Governing Body. After attempting to work alongside MissUsato at AvoidJW, my friend turned to me for help and support. I revealed myself as a PIMO JW, which came as a surprise to him. This helped us form a partnership and I sadly had to say to him that this will come to an end soon, which he completely understands. I will continue using this website for helping myself on my leaving journey out of the Org.

    I have been fascinated by the interest shown in the leaks. So far this is all we have and for now we have a long break until next time. I appreciate the critical evaluation of them as well, it is fascinating to see how the analysis of each person contributed to the range of views here. Take care.

  • Biahi

    I hope this is real.

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  • redsetter2

    This certainly is real. The original redsetter made it obvious he never wanted to return again to the exjw community after his alleged mistreatment. Of course, he isn't aware of how I worded my posts here because he refused to return to these forums. In confidence, I have told him what I have shared. I admit he strongly cautioned against stating specifics when it came to the "10 year plan". His idea was only to give hints, not list out what he revealed to me. I couldn't keep this to myself, I felt strongly against keeping this away from the exjw community. My conscience is guilting me and I felt I went against our agreement. That's why I will leave the Org because I can't successfully provide leaks with discretion.

    Remember this, was Satan really the good guy or was he the bad guy? I'm like Satan... "God knows that you will be like him", he was right.

  • Elena

    All the supposed leaks are nonsense if I am wrong I will eat my hat.

    All these things will not happen it’s either a troll or someone having fun


    No disrespect to all the varieties of "Redsetters" but some of the details in that 10 year plan are very unbelievable, fantasaical really. Some I believe but in particular the items regarding for example some of the sexual things kind of casts a shadow on the whole thing sorry.

  • LeeMerk

    Some of those things in the 10 year plan are definitely unbelievable. Also, the "Satan" thing at the end of that last post...come on..really? Over the top.

  • RonPOMO

    Deleted. It's not worth it. At this point it's people's own fault for believing any of this.

  • LaFrancia

    Redsetter2 thanks for the leaks

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