"We don't do that" - Serena Williams talking about celebrating birthdays

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  • vivalavida

    I guess you can be physically out, like in a huge way, but definitely mentally in.

    Serena Williams claims she won't be celebrating her daughter's first birthday.

    I did know people like that, raised as a JW but never actually baptizing. That didn't mean they were not messed up in the head though.

  • Diogenesister

    Talk about straining the knat and gulping down the camel....if she were baptised she'd be DF right about now for conceiving the child out of wedlock.

  • blisterfeet

    It’s amazing to me how deep the indoctrination goes. All they have to do is get certain kids (not all) to the meeting enough when they are little and this garbage is stuck in their heads forever... it’s sad really... mz Williams baby will be effected by this cult with minimal affiliation.

  • pale.emperor

    I cant believe how backward that is. Thinking Jehovah is ok with her having a baby before marriage, but loses his shit over a birthday celebration.

    Wonder how many JDubs will lap this up regardless?

  • vivalavida

    @blisterfeet - Yes, it is amazing how little is necessary to actually mess up a kids mind. In my opinion the problem has to do with the fact that kids trust their parents. They're their first contact with the world at large, so what they say or teach, goes. By the time they're old enough to think by themselves, it requires a concerted effort to eliminate those beliefs.

    @pale.emperor & diogenesister - EXACTLY!!

  • sparky1

    Poor little Alexis Olympia. She is in for a 'wild ride' mentally and emotionally for the next 18 years. Let's hope she survives with minimal scarring.

  • OnTheWayOut

    She can get pregnant out of wedlock and post pics of her in bra and bare pregnant belly, but she's a JW.

    So rich.


  • eyeuse2badub

    Have a baby, then get married, no problem for a jw! But to celebrate a birthday for a lovely child is a huge no no for a jw! wtf

    Anyway, back in my elder days, during one of the CO visits and subsequent mandatory meeting with the elders, he shared an story which demonstrates the same stupid jw reasoning about which "sin" we decide is worse than the other. Here's the story;

    A married 'brother,' who was also an 'elder', in a Texas congregation was having an affair with a married 'sister' in the congregation. This 'sister' had an "unbeliever" husband who was not a kind man. The affair was ongoing for some time before finally the 'sister' broke down and confessed to her "unbeliever" husband.

    The enraged "unbeliever" husband waited till the Sunday meeting and then went to the Kingdumb Hell and shot the 'brother' who was screwing his wife! When the ambulance arrived at the KH to take the "brother" to the hospital, he could be heard by all in the congregation telling the EMT's "No blood! No blood! I do not accept blood!"

    LOL LOL!

    just saying!

  • EverApostate

    May be WT came up with a new light that children could be borne without wedlock but celebrating birthdays is still demonic ?

  • Finkelstein

    The hypocritical stupidity of people at times is appalling.

    Yes Yahweh will cast down burning stones from heaven onto children if they celebrate a child's birthday.

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