"We don't do that" - Serena Williams talking about celebrating birthdays

by vivalavida 30 Replies latest social entertainment

  • smiddy3

    She ain`t no Virgin either

  • LOLS

    JDubs are so annoying really , lets choose what we want to do & not do ......

    Both my Jdub Sister-In-laws have kids out of wedlock & nothing is said about that .....

    But let me celebrate any pagan celebrations & I get the beedy eye from them all .....

    God let them crazy people see my Tattoo's or let me light up a cigarette & my JDub husband gets a talking to from his Ministerial Father/Elders about keeping his wife under control ......

    They are all a bunch of Fools :)

  • Gorbatchov

    I ask myself who is the “We” She is talking about.

    Definitly not JW.

    Maybe She is a wanna-be.


  • Finkelstein

    Its funny how people pull something out their heads to give them a feeling of righteous vindication and superiority.

    Serena is two faced hypocrite who did many things not approved or condemned by the JWS, such as draping herself with a flag of the US when she wins, posing naked in magazines, sex out wedlock, participating in professional sports for big money and self adulation, the list goes on.

    She is no doubt a pretentious ass who likes doing whatever suits her ego.

  • sparky1

    I agree with you 100% Finkelstein. My issue is that the poor little child will probably pay the price of Serena's hypocrisy and unbalanced religiosity. Many of us raised by 'Witness' parents know full well the mental and emotional price we have had to pay being raised in such an environment.

  • flipper

    Yep. Mental gymnastics here of a wealthy " sometimes " JW. She'll have sex out of wedlock to bring a child into the world( which would get her DFed as a baptized JW ) , yet in her twisted view it's wrong to honor her own child's life by celebrating her child's birthday. Is it any wonder that most people associated with WT or JW beliefs are so fucked up ?

    What's worse is WT Society won't blink an eye at what Serena Williams does or doesn't do - as long as she keeps most probably donating some of her millions $$$ to the WT Society and " worldwide kingdom work " , uh, I mean " pedophile defense fund " .

    Not only many times do criminal religions get free passes in their conduct, but so do wealthy brats, whether they are sports stars, actors, or presidents. lol. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Londo111

    If she were just a regular sports person, it wouldn't irk me. She's done nothing wrong in reality.

    But...I don't think she really gets what being a JW is or what it is like.

  • sparrowdown

    She doesn't get what being a jw is like because she was never a real one.

    There are many people who are sort of nominal jws, never actually became one just knew some or grew up around them or have family that are full on dubs and they went to meetings for while and they think they know all about it.

    I think she be one of those fake ass witnesses.

  • silentbuddha

    What I hate about her is that idiots like me and my family as well as others who had potential actually took this shit seriously and tried to do the best we could to be good JW's.

    Then one day we come to the realization we have to let it go and our worlds are turned upside down and we have to work so hard to get it together and be a success. Get laughed at when telling others the hell it was.

    This bitch spends her whole life as a parttime dub, never makes a commitment. Gets rich, married richer, and then spouts this shit as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread so other unsuspected yokels get trapped into a life of hell

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think she be one of those fake ass witnesses - I agree with you, Sparrowdown.

    Although I don't think her ass is fake ... dayum!

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