Introducing Our Rockstar Governing Body

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  • jp1692

    So basically, Watchtower of January 2016 Study Edition, page 27: these pictures are photographic evidence that everyone in them are disrespectful, arrogant sinners lacking in theocratic humility.

  • btlc

    It is just a golden calf syndrome: it's not right, we don't encourage it, but, hmmm, give people what they want...

  • steve2

    I recall seeing several different photos of a slightly smiling Nathan Knorr at the 1958 International Convention in Yankee Stadium posing with wide-smilling JWs.

    This ain't that new.

  • sparrowdown

    What is new bout the photo thing is now there is the internet to post your trophies for all the world to see and in the case of pathetic wannabe groupies and celebrity GB members to laugh at.

  • slimboyfat

    If I give a book to someone as a gift I might sign it too. But I would tend to describe it as an inscription not an autograph.

    In decades past, particularly when there was still a charge for the literature, sometimes JWs would buy WT books and give them as gifts with inscriptions inside.

    "To Betty, love from May, Edinburgh Assembly 1969"

    So maybe the GB "signing" Bibles and giving them to Cuban officials a gifts was not all that peculiar, if it was intended as a friendly gesture.

    Initially I had the notion of JW "fans" presenting the GB with Bibles to autograph. But clearly that's not the situation.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes rock stars leaders of Jehovah's lying and corrupt earthly publishing house.

  • rebel8

    WHY. The. F^(& would anyone want a bible autographed by leadership of a cult that claims to be superior for having no leadership?! Ah, the hypocrisy!

    LOL @ the dishwasher analysis!

    Little sisters rocking Vancouver

    And just this cult tries to normalize itself. Sleeveless dresses? No hosiery? That was NOT allowed in my day.

  • steve2

    JWs are simply obeying the uplifting sentiment expressed in the following Scripture:

    "And you shall bask in the light of their glory and when the Great Tribulation strikes, Jehovah your God will say, 'You're good - I've got a photo of you shining with one of Christ's brothers'.


    How many dishes does he intend to wash, other than the one for this Photo Op?

    Tie on, jewellery on, sleeves down not rolled up.


    WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Pope.

    Phoney Baloney Tony.

  • careful

    Splane is out of uniform! Even the R&F other sheep brother (assumed, of course) next to him is more "theocratic" with his tie on. Faithfully theocratic tight pants Tony has kept his tie on when washing dishes. Shouldn't someone speak to David Splane about his bad example?

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