The Great October 2016 Invite to the Sunday Meeting campaign ...

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  • freddo

    Well how's it going round your way? Massive increase of interested ones? Did you even know it was supposed to be happening? No? Well put your experiences up in this thread please.

    Round my way the congregation puts its numbers up on a slip of paper on the noticeboard. We now have two results in and this is our results for October so far ...

    Cong has 75 publishers

    Sunday October 2nd - Drum roll please ... 45 in attendance! Plus "twelve listening on line".

    Sunday October 9th - Drum Roll and baboom Tish! ... 55 plus ten!

    Theocracy's great increase is truly astounding. These are even worse than our normal figures Bwahahahahaha!

  • scratchme1010

    The interesting thing is how those things prove that they are full of --it. According to their own believes, as the end comes closer, their numbers are supposed to dwindle since at some point they are expected to finish their preaching.

    Remember that according to them when the world is ready for Armageddon, there will be no more people interested, that's what is supposed to be the great sign that the great tribulation is going to start.

    Yet, they do not publicize that. Instead they try to exploit their members to bring in more people like a business model that starts failing for not keeping up with the times.

  • steve2

    I thought they stopped putting attendances on noticeboards decades ago. Are they now doing it again? Loved their recording how many are listening "online"!

  • Crazyguy

    The do these campaigns so much anymore there's no urgency

  • freddo


    It's not a big chart - it's just the hall servant's job to "do the count" and he puts the figures on a little chart on a small slip of paper which remains on the noticeboard until the end of the month then is handed to the secretary or put in the report box for him to put the figures wherever he puts them for the CO to beat up the elders with at the CO visit!

  • darkspilver

    Hi steve2!

    I thought they stopped putting attendances on noticeboards decades ago. Are they now doing it again?

    Depends on congregation, some do, some don't - but having it on the notice means it's more likely to be remembered to be actully done

    Loved their recording how many are listening "online"!

    Remember that those listening 'live' are counted as part of the meeting attendance, whereas those listening later via a recording, are not.

    May 25, 2015: Re: Guidelines for Congregation Meeting Conferencing Systems

    Attendants should record as meeting attenders the number of those tied in to the live meeting. Those benefiting from delayed streaming or recordings would not be counted.

  • Phizzy

    The Congregation I was part of split in to two shortly before I left the cult, I would love to know the combined attendance of those two, as a gauge to how much growth they have had in the past few years ( if any), but they do not put it on their Notice Board.

    I suspect they are more or less static, but who knows ?

    When I was in I calculated that for any one Meeting at least 25% of potential attendees was absent, mid-week being worse than Sundays for absentees.

    I bet that % has not improved !

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, I am an inactive one. Nobody invited me. I knew nothing of a campaign.

    Don't get me wrong, I am happy they leave me alone. But it shows that this isn't a real thing, just busy work.

  • Saename

    WAIT... WHAT???

    There was some kind of a special meeting? A campaign...? What the hell...?

    No, seriously... What the hell? How did I not know this? I am an unbaptised Witness, still officially recognised as an unbaptised publisher, but I just faded around three or four months ago. I was a Witness in good standing in the congregation, and other Witnesses often praised me for my "wisdom" and thinking capabilities, which I presented in each answer I gave. (Despite being young, I never read from the magazines but put every answer in my own words; additionally, I did extra research.) Yet, no Jehovah's Witness knocked on my door because of this campaign to invite me to this special meeting. As a side note, there is an elder who lives at the same street as I do. It's literally 3–5 minutes of walk to get to his house. He was the one that studied the Bible with me and took me to the meetings. I thought they cared about my well-being and my life... Am I not going to die during the Armageddon? Do they not care out of the blue?

    And like OnTheWayOut, don't get me wrong. I don't care. I am happy that I'm left alone. I'm just surprised... I thought somebody would have visited me by now.

  • darkspilver

    Hey OnTheWayOut!

    I knew nothing of a campaign.

    Hey Saename!

    How did I not know this?

    Because you don't read this forum?

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