The Great October 2016 Invite to the Sunday Meeting campaign ...

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  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I had, not 1,not 2 but 3 call on me today.all at the same time.

    would you like to come to our christian meeting on sunday says they.

    no thanks says I, and quickly adds have a nice day, and walked away.

    I was quite pleased with myself. For the first time I managed to not waste my time trying to convince them.

    Let them work it out on their own, like I did.

  • sir82

    It is having exactly as much success as all the previous super-duper, oh-so-special, never to be repeated, utterly unique, fantastically wonderfully stupendously gloriously glorious "special" campaigns over the past decade or so....

    ...which is to say, it is indistinguishable from "regular" field service efforts.

    No results, no visitors, no increase in anything, except perhaps the apathy and complacency of the participants.

  • FedUpJW

    No difference at all where I am at either.

    Same old seat fillers in the same seats, spouting the same parroted drivel.

  • stuckinarut2

    These campaigns are designed to keep witnesses busy in a "super important work"

    Just like running on a treadmill......Lots of energy expended - but one gets no-where quickly!

  • Wakanda

    About 75-80 pubs.

    First Sunday ~30

    Second Sunday ~40

    I think they are, again, trying to save paper, make that save money. The campaign is all about using those little tiny invites instead of the ever decreasing magazines. No special effort to invite inactives. Next month they can ask the congs "Did you have many magazines left over? Better decrease your order!"

  • freddo

    Thanks for participating Wakanda and welcome. Yes those tiny invites really scream "quality" don't they?

    Can you say which country or area you are in?

    Good to see your attendance is even lower than ours.

  • Edison Trent
    Edison Trent

    Our Cong (in central Europe) has ~90 pubs.

    Oct. 2: ~50

    Oct. 9: ~60

    About 15 attended online or via telephone.

    At the end of the month over 2000 invites will be distributed in our area, but until now... no new faces. I think it would be the same result after 20000 invitations.

  • Chook

    I got a pamphlet in letter box the other day, I didn't even read the content ,I still can't believe I pushed this shit in good neighbor hoods , we actually promoted the destruction of their families .

  • Half banana
    Half banana


    Come to our special meeting and be converted to a pathetic cult full of religious zombies who have given up thinking for themselves. But if you don't convert to our religion, then Big J will kill you and feed your corpse to the dickie birds at Armageddon.

    Interested person:

    What a lovely message, I would love to come!

  • sir82

    For a congregation of ~125 publishers, with kids probably ~140 people who "should" attend....

    Last night's meeting: about 65 people in the building, about 20 listening on the phone.

    Maybe the Society should have these "invite people to the meeting" campaigns more often! Maybe it would drive attendance down to the single digits.

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