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  • ToesUp

    Everyone had given you 100% accurate advise. Take it to heart.

    "I don't plan on taking out my nose ring or to stop getting tattoos. If they prevent that, I will not comply. "

    JW's will try and "clean you up" eventually. They are love bombing you.

    The only additional thing I can add is....RUN LIKE HELL!!!!

  • newsheep

    Never follow another man's interpretation of the, oops their bible. Yes, they have rewritten their bibles many times to suite their constantly changing (they call it new light every time they change their doctrine) doctrines. They will even put you in their assembly parts to make your head swell and make you feel like your going someplace important in the religion. They promote jealousy and competition amongst its members with labels like pioneers. Where is seventy hours (full time pioneer) and fifty hours(auxilliary pioneer) in the bible. It says to do your best and that's it!

  • newsheep

    Even if you don't get baptized, they will use you to count their hours. Like they are doing now. There are no real friendships in that religion. It's all conditional, as long as you tow the line and let them use you.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Either Matt was warned about the mentally diseased people here and has fled the room ..........or we have had a Troll in our midst.

  • punkofnice
    DoC - or we have had a Troll in our midst.

    We've seen a few on here of late. Such a tedious waste of time. I know the ones I suspect. I'll give them 1 shot then stop feeding them. They're boring. Yawnography.

  • Ding

    Please go to to check out Watchtower history out of their own literature.

    There are plenty of places you can go to study the Bible that don't require you to believe everything the group's leaders tell you.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Hi Matthew, welcome.

    As an ex-JW myself, I hope you are genuine - because everyone who has replied to your post is genuine!

    Illustration: if you want to walk through a minefield, take the advice of someone who's already done it.

    Once you are baptised, you automatically put your whole way of life under the control & scrutiny of the local body of Elders. You will have to answer to them for anything you do or say which they disagree with.

    As for "the truth," send me a Private Message if you'd like to read some of the things which opened my eyes to the JW version of Bible truth.

    Enjoy the ride - while the love-bombing lasts.

  • Giordano

    Matthew in many respects being a witness is often a life or death experience. Or a broken family experience..... or at the least....... a shunning experience. But it gets worse.

    Because of their ban on blood transfusions many many JW's die needlessly or well before their time. Thousands more then died at Jonestown. which was a one up. But with the JW's it goes on and on......... every year.

    Someone mentioned the ARC look it up. ARC stands for the Royal Australian Commission which looked into how religions in Australia dealt with sexual child abuse (Like the Catholic Church). When they got around to the Jehovah's Witnesses they found from subpoenaed files that the Branch had to keep, 1006 cases spanning 50 or so years.

    This is JW children being raped and/or being forced to do disgusting things to adults.....guess how many of these cases were sent to the Authorities? Not a one. The JW's don't even think this is a crime they think it is a sin. Who do they call first? The legal dept. at Watchtower headquarters. Then they are put on hold for days or even weeks while the WT legal dept. determines if it is mandated by law to report this crime. Believe it or not....... it is often not mandated by States for religious entities to report this. Because of their 'Two Witness Rule' they will take no action unless their are two witnesses to thew crime.

    But if someone sets fire to a Kingdom Hall or throws a rock through a KH window they immediately call the police or fire dept. After all their property is more important then the children who were sexually abuse.

    You need to understand this....... it's a corporate religion and it always acts like a corporation first which is how it started back in 1879. So appearances matter, walking in step matters, Obedience is equal or even more important then Faith.

    Good luck the way............. wishing someone good luck is forbidden by the JW's.

  • Diogenesister
    Dubstepped Oh my friend, I'm so sorry, and I mean that sincerely. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted and JWs will make you feel that way.... at first.

    Isn't it heartbreaking? It really gave me a pang reading Mathews introduction...especially as he seems like such a lovely fella.

    Mathew Hewy Welcome to the forum!! I would heartily suggest reading if you would like an unbiased, truthful history of the Watchtower Bible and Tract society. Paul Grundy, the author whose life story I have posted below, only uses Jehovah's Witnesses own publications to get it straight from the Asses mouth, as it were( little in-joke for Bible readers; see Baalam😂).

    Other than that, so good to have you here! There's some great sources of info here too, and please post any and all questions you may have; We will do our best to be of help!

  • Bad_Wolf

    JW's are the sister religion to Mormon. I've friends with Mormons, they have the same elders, judicial committes, shunning if you leave, etc. Everything they are 'accepting' of on you is just a temporary tolerence. Once you become a full fledged member, then you'll be expected to stop and reverse many of those things. And you'll no longer be love bombed either. Once you are a member, then they got their special mark w/ god on bringing another into the fold, and on to the next one.

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