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  • nowwhat?

    Sounds like you have a good heart. Just do your do diligence. A Simple goatee is frowned upon. Let alone piercing and tattoos. Go to for info on their history.

  • dubstepped

    Oh my friend, I'm so sorry, and I mean that sincerely. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted and JWs will make you feel that way.... at first. The hallmark of any good cult is how great it feels to get in, but also how they destroy your life if you want to leave. They will tell you that people like us are mentally diseased, those are their literal words.

    Have you ever seen an abusive relationship? Usually the abuser is charismatic and people on the outside think they're great, but the person they're with knows different.

    If you want the inside scoop listen to my podcast, a 9 part series called This JW Life. You'll learn what it's really like. Go to and listen there if you need. Everything is right there in one package.

    No, you can't keep a nose ring. No more getting tattoos. They'll tell you not to have association with outsiders. Any good abusers knows to isolate their victims. People are shunned. I wasn't allowed to go to my own father's funeral because 6 months before that I left the religion, a religion that pressured me to get baptized as a kid and held me to a forever contract with them with my family as ransom.

    You are only seeing what they want you to see. You're essentially dating and they're keeping the crazy in the background. Please don't fall for it. Mormons and JWs use similar tactics. Take your time and listen to us. If you don't you may pay hefty prices in your life.

    We care. We genuinely care.

  • WTWizard

    Just wait until you get snared into a study. They will stop accepting as you are, expecting you to make drastic changes. They will expect you to quit all other churches and throw away anything even tangentially related to them, quit your holidays, and censor your music. Any song that even touches on sex, drugs (and even if it does so by putting drugs in a bad light), magic, or anything else that is against the religion is banned. You will be expected to dress according to strict rules. They will expect you to donate your money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund, which cancels the financial benefit of not doing holidays (and then some). And, once you are all the way in, you get family in, and you regret going in or the in-members don't stay in, you will be broken up.

    Besides, they might seem to be all in with that damn LIE-ble. Their rule is, if the religion has a bad doctrine that you can use that book to prove wrong, you have to abide by and teach the bad doctrine until they themselves fix it (or make it even worse). And, is the LIE-ble itself anything more than a blueprint to enslave the whole world? If it is, you don't even want to attempt to abide by it because it would be the most dangerous thing you could possibly attempt.

  • snare&racket

    If you believe they study the bible deeply, go research the beginning of the use of the name Jehovah or Yaweh and then ask a JW to explain it or discuss it.

    Their biblical knowledge is superficial and cherry picked.

  • joe134cd

    In my experience, now. If you are a serious bible student. Google it on the internet. That way you get lots of different ideas. They maybe wrong or you don' agree with them but they are ideas.

    I was a jw for just on 40 years, and I regret that I didn't leave sooner.

  • smiddy3

    A previous President of the WTB&TS/Jehovah`s Witnesses stated that "Religion Is A Snare And A Racket"

    Joseph. F.Rutherford

    That definition fits the JW religion down to a tee.

    A truer word was never said

  • CovertsadJW

    Being a JW=giving up all critical thinking ability

    Being a JW=Being less moral than the world as 99.9% of the worldly people will be destroyed according to them

    Being a JW=Being created sick and commanded to be well under threat of eternal destruction

    Being a JW=FOG-constant fear, obligation, and guilt as a motivation, not love.

    Being a JW=depression, fatigue, self loathing, self doubt.

    Being a JW=A denial of higher education for fear of loosing members.

    No-dont do it

  • sparrowdown

    This religion is a cult. If you want to hang out with them fine, but, think very very seriously about joining. Keep asking questions google the shit out of this group there is plenty of horror stories out there from people who been there done that.

    The JW religion is similar to scientology in the way it's structured and the methods they use to control members so buyer beware. You owe it to yourself not get swept up in how good it feels and not take this "niceness" on face value. Remember things that appear too good to be true usually are and strangers that are too nice from the getgo usually want something. In your case what they want is to recruit you then brag about it something along the lines of how they converted the tattooed guy with the piercings, yay us, praise Jehovah. Once they have you baptized the honeymoon period will wear off, believe me.

  • kairos

    There is no shortage of detailed accounts of ruined lives of those that left JWs.
    You cannot leave with your dignity intact.

  • Jrjw

    Matthew please please do your research on their history And teachings online, don't just use the books they give you coz they have missed a lot out to hide their terrible history. Like you I Thought it was the best thing I'd ever found and I lost my pre-jw friends and couldn't spend time with my family much eventually coz they were classed as bad association. They do love bomb you at first and over time and especially after you're baptised it all changes, especially if you don't conform to everything they say. We all on here have experienced it first hand. They warn you about talking to ex witnesses because they know the 'Truth about the truth' and the witnesses want to ensnare you into the religion or 'cult'. Please please do your research, especially on if it's friends you're after then you won't find genuine ones in the kingdom hall, I've found out recently after splitting from my abusive jw husband that jw's are conditional friends and its been painful learning that first hand. Steve hassan is a good person to look up on youtube coz he teaches you about how cults work and then you can compare this to what is happening at kingdom hall and with what you're learning. Please be very careful coz you don't know what you're in for at the moment and lots of research is needed, don't just believe what jws tell you coz I did without questioning it coz it seemed too good to be true... and it was!

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