Trey Bundy: One Year of Reporting JW Child Abuse - Your comments please!

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  • Vidiot

    Tornintwo - "...not even the most ardent JW apologist could not deny."

    Not for lack of trying, though.

  • Vidiot

    So we have Angus Young on the RCC, and Trey Bundy at Revealnews.

    Nice to know that there are non-XJWs out there who want to help. It means we aren't lone voices crying out in the wilderness.

    It'd be cool if Bundy stopped by the forum some day.

  • Becksi
    THANK YOU, Trey and Barbara, for everything you have done and continue to do.
  • Joyzabel

    A lot of hard work, even spanning years goes into investigations. Thank you Trey for publishing what you have discovered and thank you Barb & Joe for all the behind the scene investigation you provide also.


  • Skedaddle

    Dear Mr. Trey Bundy,

    Thank you for dedicating your time and column inches towards the fight for freedom from the Jehovah's Witnesses' cult.

    For many of us we have carried the burden of harrowing sorrow in our hearts for many years. We have fought through brain-washing induced mental illnesses just to stay sane enough that we might see our loved ones back in our arms and an end to the torment.

    This cult has destroyed lives, literally. It has enslaved minds thus strangled the throat of freedom of choice, progression and expression. It has shown no mercy when tearing babes from arms causing suicides, murders and mental illness. It has cloaked within it's arms the crimes of paedophiles and offered them refuge all the while offering victims up as an example of sin. It has invaded our human rights to having the right of a family life, undermining the very laws of our lands, undermining the expertise of surgeons, scientists, Lawyers, experts in child protection and their agencies, law-enforcement, teachers and many more. It has covered the truth which is a sin backed-up by law. They have shown no mercy to the meek and mild and weak and poor and yet they remain not just unapologetic of all these things and unchanging but proud and piously revel in the success of doing so.

    Every child and mother has the right to look into each other's eyes and see the crystal clear clarity of unspoken and unconditional love reciprocated and yet it's in this very sacred space that Watchtower chooses to anchor it's veil.

    8 million members are the badge of honour for Watchtower but we know they are just more victims and the families and friend circle's of those 8 million are now coming together with a chance at last, of removing the veil. You are one of the ones who enables that, giving a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel that for years has shown no end in sight and yet people like me have at times crawled to see the end.

    You are a writer of fact-based truth, of justice, of research, of freedom and therefore love and care and respect for people whom you do not know. You enable the tired among us to get to our knees and stand up and feel energised that there is an end in sight. That is honourable and I hope you know that we appreciate it.

    I hope that health is always bestowed upon your hands and mind, for the work you are doing, is critical for not just us but the whole of mankind. I hope the momentum of every tear that has been shed over this organization, perpetuates the motion of each stroke of a keyboard or push of a pen.

    Thank you Mr. Trey Bundy on behalf of all victims and survivors.

    From one of many who just wants their family back.

  • JHK
    Covering up the sexual abuse of minors is Watchtowergate of Jehovah's Witnesses. Trey Bundy is the equivalent of investigative reporters, Woodward and Bernstein.
    Thanks, Trey!
  • jwfacts

    I am very impressed with the quality of Bundy's research and articles. I have even embedded his video on the home page of, as it is easily the best 5 minute summary of Jehovah's Witnesses I have found.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    ^^ I have passed on the above article to more people and organisations than I could count.. including the Independent Inquiry in the UK.

    Please pass on my most grateful thanks. Without Trey's work, we would have far less hard-hitting and concise articles to share with others.

    There is almost too much information out there sometimes, too much to sort through, especially regarding such a complex issue as child abuse.

    Trey's articles are invaluable. They could not be improved upon in any way, in my opinion.

    Please keep them coming, we need articles that are easy-to-digest and yet accurate.

    The public needs your work.. to keep them informed about these issues, but without overwhelming them with tonnes of info they'll never read.

    PLEASE keep up your fine work. We all appreciate it greatly.


    Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.

    Kofi Annan

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I just listened to another podcast and I am truly amazed at how wonderful it is.

    I agree knowledge is power. Thank you again for doing such great work.


  • Gilgamesh

    Of all the issues facing JWs, this is the one that has the most power to make people think for themselves. A religion can have the most indefensible and even ridiculous doctrines, and this can all be ignored and dismissed. Abuse of children and subsequent cover-ups can not be ignored by as many people. It's the difference in comedy and tragedy.

    Every single article has a powerful effect. And Trey's articles are doing a great job to make youth safer.

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