Trey Bundy: One Year of Reporting JW Child Abuse - Your comments please!

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  • talesin


    Since Ms. Anderson first posted an item from Reveal, I have listened to several of the programs. Great work, and wow, it's simply, impressive. I'm happy that someone like yourself, and Reveal, would focus on the JW. It's time the truth was told. Few journalists (let alone those who are at the top of their field) want to bother with the JWS - it's not been the easiest subject to research. There is so much secrecy, and they have such a 'good rep' in the eyes of most people, that's it is hard to get the stories told.

    So, a big shout-out and thank you from Canada. xx

  • truthlover

    Is this the same Trey Bundy holding a political office in the US? Forget whether he is D or R

    but he was on one of the talk shows last night, speaking about the SC convention today re Trump and the others running for R party.

  • MicaSmith

    I deeply appreciate Trey's work. He is dedicated and genuinely wants to expose abuse of power. I've been following his work since his first article on this issue. Thank you for caring.

    OrphanCrow, your comment about Barbara is so true.

    You wrote: "Thank you for posting this, Barbara. It is your hard work that brought the child abuse issue into the public eye to begin with so that journalists like Trey Bundy could give the coverage."

    I first learned about Barbara in a Dateline Documentary. I thought she was very brave. I still do. It was so incredible. I thought more would be done to stop the abuse but nothing significant happened. The media's interest faded.

    One day I saw a demonstration outside Bethel on TV, and that's when I learned about the organization Silent Lambs and all those victims of abuse who were violated by other witnesses. It was so surreal. I kept thinking how could there be so many victims? I felt powerless. I didn't know so many people were suffering / had suffered horrible acts by fellow witnesses. It hurt so much to see them ignored by the WT. No one wanted to talk about it. I couldn't understand why.

    Now here it is that an investigative reporter has decided that the story must be told again and again to restore the balance of justice, dignity, and integrity. Thank you both so much.

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