Trey Bundy: One Year of Reporting JW Child Abuse - Your comments please!

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  • Truthexplorer
    Great thread. Thankfully a tenacious journalist helping expose this outrageous policy. Change needs to happen!
  • LV101

    Barbara and Trey Bundy -- the World can't thank you enough for all you've done and continue to do against the evil, Watchtower, cult.

    You're the Best!

  • Phizzy

    I agree with all the praise for Mr Bundy, and his fellow journalists etc, but I just wish their were more like him, willing to, and capable of, proper investigative journalism that gets all its facts right, and does not sensationalize.

    We have a dearth of such people of that calibre in the Media here in the U.K, sadly.

  • Tornintwo

    Trey Bundy's reports helped wake me up last year, it was a time in the early days of doubting that I wouldn't read any 'apostate' literature, but reports from an independent news agency were perfectly acceptable to me. His reports on the Lopez case linked to the actual court documents, irrefutable evidence not even the most ardent jw apologist could not deny. Independent news reports like this are invaluable, even jws can read them guilt free, if only more would.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Thanks to someone on my FB page who sent me a message saying that the link is wrong in #5 of the list of Trey's articles. It should be:

    If you made a copy of the list of articles and links, please remember to update it. I included these links to make it easy for us all to access Trey's articles or to send them on to other folks who might find such a list helpful and then I goofed up one of them.

    Sorry for the mistake.


  • Fisherman

    Your posts are very informative and interesting. It takes a lot of time and research to compile the information -on this post for example- that you provide. Thank you for doing that, as I am sure everyone else is who is looking for helpful information (not conclusions) but do not have the time and or the energy to do it, about reporting child abuse to the police.

    Your writing skill speaks for itself, and besides that, you write in a form and style that is easy to understand and clear, and that is very important for a reader that wants to form and informed opinion about the issue. I do not mean however that I endorse or approve of anything that you have done on are doing about the issue at hand. My comment only relates to the way you present information on this site.

    IN THE USA : It is lawful not to report child abuse to the police as long as certain conditions are met. The legal provision exists, that is to say, some people (entities) are not legally required to report child abuse to the police, for example : lawyers in a confidentiality setting, or "priest"and "penitent" (whatever that means) in a "spiritual setting" (again whatever that means.) Since that is the law -and it has been the law for a very long time- why are people angry or surprised or shocked at the church for exercising that legal provision? People should be angry at the legislation that provides such confidentiality not at the entities that benefit from such laws.

    Why should it only be unacceptable when the WT does not report child abuse to the police? Should it not be equally unacceptable for any entity not to report that crime? Really then, it is not about all the children that are being harmed but only to some children, the ones related to the WT reporting. It is ok for the crimes agaisnt other children being abused to go unreported (as datadog sees it) as long as the not reporting conditions are met.

    So, it is not really about the children, is it? It is about the WT not meeting the right conditions, or settings or definition of legal terms. It is ok for everybody else as long as they qualify: by living is the right state that provides it, or being a Catholic priest (as data dog sees it,.) or the confession being made in privacy, etc

    If the issue was really about protecting ALL children, not just the ones affected by the WT, the seeming children lovers haters of the WT would not be approving of some child abuse not being reported by qualifying entities.

  • JHK
    Thank you! From Spain.
  • Simon

    The media often get's a "bad press" (ya, pun intended) because so much of it, especially online, is becoming "click bait" with sensationalist headlines. You know, "you won't believe what happened next" or "simple method discovered to [whatever]" and such.

    It's refreshing to see someone maintaining the standards of old-school journalism which requires lots of hard work to uncover a story and find the truth and then the ability to present it in an understandable, compelling and compassionate manner.

    Kudos to him and his publishers for the work they are doing - I hope they continue because the WTS is a goldmine of corruption and bad practices that need to be exposed.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Trey Bundy's style of journalism is comparable to HBO's Vice and many of the PBS news and documentary programs. No hype, no over-the-top emphasis on every little point. Well researched and presented in a straight-forward manner. That is why Trey is so credible and the details of his reports are easy to digest.

    While it's true that documentaries should be presented in ways that keep the audience interest most of the time, the art is well-developed. Watch NOVA and Frontline on PBS and many of the documentaries that show up on HBO and Showtime cable channels. They are, for me at least, far more interesting and entertaining than any of the "reality shows" (that are usually far from reality) presented on other cable channels. Trey and Reveal seem to have that same talent of good presentation - on point all the time.

    We are especially fortunate to have Trey reporting on the JW child abuse problems. For years only Barbara and a few others were staying on top of all the stories all the time. You can see from just the homepage of her website at that half of the most recent articles appearing on her homepage are about JW child abuse and half of those are pointing directly to the work of Trey Bundy and Reveal.

    Check out Reveal - there are many attention-grabbing new stories every week - and, of course, Trey Bundy lives there.


  • freddo
    Thank you so very much for excellent reporting and exposing of this disgraceful attitude by the higher-ups at the Watchtower.

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