What is the alternative to JW?

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    What is the Alternative to JW?

    The alternative is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Stop being lazy. Stop wasting your life by putting everything off to the "new system". Start learning. Start educating yourself. Start pursuing the things that are of interest to you and the things that give you personal fulfillment.

    There's no short cut. There's no one person or one organization that holds the sum total of all truth claims. If you want to know what is true about the world around you then you're going to have to investigate that world. You're going to have to read a lot of books, read a lot of academic papers, and engage in honest debates. You're going to have to travel and meet new people.

    Knowledge is like a mountain. The more you know the higher you ascend. And the higher you ascend the further you can see. Expand your mind. Refine your critical thinking skills. Take a class on epistemology.

    What's the alternative to JW? How about truth for one. How about personal identity. How about a life worth living.

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    Well done. I've avoided this OP because I can't respond in a respectful manner. You summed up most of what I would say if I was being fettered. I would have added to take back control of your conscience, your freedom of choice in what you read, watch, consider, whether you go to college or allow your children to go to college, whether you go to proms or school functions or whether you allow your children to participate in them, whether you play sports or allow your children to play sports, whether you vote, what you or your children wear or how you each cut your hair, whether you celebrate birthdays or other holidays, whether you build a house or start a business or go on a vacation or any of the other life choices that are YOUR business and NONE of the business of the Dark Lords or their henchmen elders.

    This is also meant for the delusional, I mean disillusioned lady thinking about getting reinstated after 26 years.

    I would rather be shot in the head with a rusty nail gun than spend one more minute inside that death dealing, ambition killing, dysfunction attracting, dysfunction breeding, hate filled, personal conscience and individual choice robbing cult that eats its own at perhaps the highest rate in history.

    And if their god is such a small minded, hysterical, insecure, jealous, un-trusting, homicidal, vengeful POS, she can go fukk herself as well.

    See, I told you I couldn't be respectful.

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    Don't hold back DJS , please say what you mean , lol . Jan
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    Too much Starbucks in the morning. But really, is it even possible to have too much Starbucks?

    And it isn't really my fault (classic blame shifting to follow). I exercised 'loving kindness' and virtuous Patience (the virtue, NOT the stripper at the Platinum Club. Although Patience (the stripper not the virtue) definitely has a few virtuous ass-spects).

    I didn't respond until two months after this OP started and not until post 231. I'm improving.

  • DJS

    Oh I forgot,

    The Dark Lords and their Evil Wraith Elders are collecting us all together, ensuring we are all shiny, clean and white so that they can make sure no one wearing a different color gets on the Ark (they've trained their body snatchers to immediately spot someone with an individual conscience). And they know the time is reduced. After all, it's almost 1879. I mean, it's almost 1914. I mean, it's very, very close to 1925. Did I say 1925? What I really meant is that it is damned near being 1935.

    Oh darned. A senior moment (these topics are so Compound and Complex). What I really, really meant is it's almost 1975. Or was that 1999?

    Well. It WILL be in this generation. Or was it the other generation? Or do the two overlap? Help me Compound Complex, you're my only hope.

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    This is like asking the ancient Jews whats the alternative to the Jewish faith.
  • Vidiot

    How about "no religion at all"?

    My family and I seem to be doing just fine without it.

  • Hadriel
    @CodedLogic that was rather profound my friend.
  • Vanderhoven7

    <<So on the one hand stay away from others who love Jesus true teachings, and on one hand find others who do love Jesus teachings and get together in assemblies? Ummmm I dont get what you are saying?>>

    What I am saying is that Jesus saves, justifies and sanctifies independent of visible organizations. Visible organizations often tend to get in the way of God's saving work and message because of their man-made teachings. In term of Watchtower religion; every doctrine which is unique to their religion is extra-biblical. Their salvation message contradicts of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Every church you walk into will have some error. Some errors are worse than others. Any church or group that makes affiliation with itself necessary to salvation is dangerous. The body of Christ is a spiritual entity made up of believers who have the Holy Spirit and are called according to His purpose independent of where they happen to fellowship.

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