When did Cook, the new GB member, start claiming to be anointed, and what are the implications?

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  • waton
    Claiming to be anointed is 100% fraud or 100% self deluded. Any guy who is in top hierarchy of WT and who claims to be anointed is a total fraudster.

    Dear Ever Apostate, Paul,

    Allow me to elaborate on my "martyrs only Rev. 20" remark.

    Not everybody partaking does so to achieve status. now, or later with immortally. so:

    How about just responding to John 6 ?, or that

    Jesus would be serving the emblems still to the "Earthly Class" as he did at The Last Supper? or

    The fact that there are way more "Spiritual Israelites" that all should partake than wt admits? or particularly

    Once the talking snake story with universal sinful ramifications has worn thin with you, the ransom rendered redundant, how about just plain communion? ,

    with companions (co-pane(bread)ions? or just

    in secret, in seclusion, like the original 12/13 and Ray Franz et co did too? so:

    Traditions are comforting. I still enjoy a glass of wine alone under the palms and the full moon near the spring equinox, no harm done! imho.
    cheers! pw.

  • waton

    After nuclear holocaust, we’ll go to heaven as martyrs; attackers will die as sinners – Putin

    confirmed on Rtv by the man himself ha ha

    only martyrs go to heaven!

  • fulano

    I think they have added some extra sky-boxes, so many new anointed.

  • RubaDub

    When you want a promotion, getting anointed is the fast track to success.

    Rub a Dub

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