"You owe Jehovah humility and HONESTY" - an email from a JW

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Wake Me Up

    Hope your son pulls through with flying colors!

    You touched on the blood policies with this JW acquaintance. I think it wise to respond to this one subject alone. Now I'm going to ask you to answer a list of questions on blood. I want the answers from you. But of course you will need help to answer them biblically so you can humbly ask help from your JW friend. They are not your questions so you are covered if you choose to use them.

    Here we go:

    a. Which components of blood are acceptable and which ones are not? What is the scriptural basis for this distinction?

    b. Why is plasma unacceptable when all of its elements and fractions are on the WTS acceptable list? Plasma is made up of 92 % water, albumin and fibrinogen and other proteins. What's the problem?

    c. Why are white blood cells banned when 97 percent of the white cells are not found in the blood stream but in organ tissues that are permitted by the WTS to transplant? Of course millions are transferred with every transplant. By the way, 12 times more white blood cells are found in a mother's milk than in the blood. Millions are passed from mother to child at every feeding. Seems that Jehovah doesn't abide by the same rules JWs do.

      d. Why is it sinful to store whole blood? Where is the biblical exception that allows JWs to have their blood stored in tubes for lab technicians to test? By the way, only blood of animals that were slain by Jews under the law was to be poured out. No one was slain to acquire the blood stored in blood banks.

    e. Why is it alright to use the life-saving fractions (eg. Factors VIII and IX) derived from the donated and stored blood of others when these products were stored immorally. And aren't hemophiliac Witnesses leeches when they take these blood products without contributing to the blood bank themselves?

    f. Where is the rule found that it is OK to remove blood from the body to be cleaned..as long as there is no interruption in it's flow back to the body?

    g. Why did it take JWs over 70 years to find these rules out when they are so obvious to JWs now. And didn't Jesus appoint the F&DS in 1919 when JWs were still being encouraged to work for the Red Cross as alternative service and give and receive transfusions when necessary?

    Now regarding the actual eating of blood:

    h. Can anything that goes into the mouth of a Christian defile him? Ro.14:14

    i. Assuming that there is no one around with a weak conscience, should Christians ask questions of conscience about meat served in the home of a pagan idol worshiper who is known to eat things strangled?

    j. Why do you think Jews could eat animals found dead in their fields (unbled) with relative impunity. They would merely have to wash their clothes and be unclean until evening.

    Levitcus 11:38,39 - "If an animal that you are allowed to eat dies, anyone who touches its carcass will be unclean till evening. Anyone who eats some of its carcass must wash their clothes, and they will be unclean till evening. Anyone who picks up the carcass must wash their clothes, and they will be unclean till evening."

    k. Could it be that the dietary laws in Acts 15 were temporary, designed to help unify Jews and Gentiles. If so your organization has had blood on its hands since 1945 and even before with it's outlawing of vaccinations and later organ transplants.

    At least make her think.

    Good luck

  • zeb

    Tell me, how old is she? It my experience that once a certain age is reached such people have only wt clich├ęs and quotes as conversation.

  • Virgochik

    Step back and think it over for awhile. You have a perfect and very valid reason for not responding right now. Your focus is on your son's health. Her email can go to the back burner. Later on, you may have a better idea how you want to handle her, if you want to at all.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @zeb She'd be in her late forties at least.

    @Virgochik, you're right. I'm just in the hospital now while my little boy sleeps off his anesthesia. Was a rough few hours. I'm so tired.

    I almost feel like writing back and flipping the script to let this sister know how concerned I am for her! And that her email reeked of unscriptural blasphemy (talking down to the acquisition of wisdom - erm, isn't that what Jehovah blessed Solomon for asking? And her contradiction to the nobility spoken of in Acts about the Bereans who made sure that "these things were so" ). I should tell her I'll be praying intensely for her and may Jehovah have mercy on her soul for her sheer recklessness in blind obedience, lol.

    I don't know. Just venting while running on an hour of sleep last night. Thank you everyone so far for helping me thrash this out without actually sending anything incriminating to this sister.

  • jwfacts
    WT exegesis

    That is a bit of a faux pas. In Watchtower's case it is Eisegesis.

  • zeb

    I have observed in life that young jw are at least two years behind in social development than their peers. I have also observed that would be dominant older jw are years 'older than their peers in that they live for their aches and pains and self indulgent misery.. late 40's? in jw land this makes her a lonely,sad 60 +

    As I have said often, does she have any creative hobby I venture to say not.

    As I say its been my experience.

    To answer such ranting is also to give it credibility.


    peace live long and prosper.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Hello SisterBlindFaith,

    I read with interest, you latest email and was left left somewhat astonished at how you not only presumed to know the inner most thoughts of Jehovah, stating what he thinks or doesn't think, what he likes or doesn't like on such a wide variety of matters but you also managed to apply them all to me. You even went so far as to imply that I need more humility and even warned me about sinning against the holy spirit.

    I'm sure your advice was well intended but I will continue to search for knowledge and conduct my personal relationship with our creator, as I see fit even though you apparently view it as deficient.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Pete Zahut, that was epic. I like that style!

    @jwfacts "Eisegesis" indeed. I also referred to the Dana and Mantey Manual Grammar book as an "addition" instead of "edition" .

    ...Someone pass me a Dare. My place is all over the head.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    Tell the nosy ass JW the 411....1 Thessalonians 4:11, from their own precious NWT ...."Make it your aim to live quietly and to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we instructed you,"


  • WingCommander

    "You owe Jehovah humility and honesty. He doesn't favour the intellectual ones who are proud and showy with their academic knowledge."

    So......this person DARES to condescend to actually know how YHWH views "intellectual ones?" What a narcassist!!!

    Funny, the BIBLE actually has a different take on the subject. The little-known example of how the Apostle Paul praised the Boreans for questioning not just him, but the message he brought forth, might be a good example to use on her to shut her up. And just think, Paul was an actual APOSTLE, not some clown-faced retard like Stephen Lett!!!!!! So I tend to think YHWH appreciates people with a brain, not just brainless, autonomous, robotic, idiots like your janitorial friend. Say, how's not getting an education working out for HER? No wonder she doesn't like "intellectual ones", because she's so far removed from being or understanding them.

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