"You owe Jehovah humility and HONESTY" - an email from a JW

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    You said you were a fadder, if you want to keep fading, do not respond. If she ever ask you why you never responded, simply say you were busy and felt so bad about not answering. Sorry! Don't argue about anything.

    Now, if you don't mind being dissfellowship, I would personally rewrite her message and send it back to her:


    Hey Sister blind faith, I know you mean well, but this is basically how I saw your message when I got it. I hope it will help you see things from my angle. :)

    Hey [WHAM!]

    Thinking of our conversation, I found an article that confirms you should not seek answers to all your questions, it might lead you to everlasting destruction.

    I know you’re critical, but you must recognize that you are crazy, unable to reason properly. Hence, you must allow our religious leaders to tell you what to believe. Got it?

    I fear you and [WHAM! Jr.] will soon be destroyed. Even now, I cannot comprehend what you could find in this evil world. You once were hurt to such an extent that you nearly died. As your pain could have been caused by our religious teachings or actions, I will jump to the conclusion that it must be this evil world.

    Our religions has been nothing but good to you, and you need to stop pretending to be smarter than our leaders, you are not. Since they are, most of the time, correct, any disagreement with them shows me you are proud and boastful. Shame on you, just who do you think you are? Stop questioning questions that should not be asked!!

    You have a loving heart, I will concede you that. Still, you need to stop questioning teachings that do not make sense to you (and in fact, many of us). You need to simply believe and live your everyday life proclaiming the very teachings that you are unable to reconcile with some basic logic. You will see, this will make everyone else happier.

    Oh, ignore the hypocrites, in fact, ignore anything wrong in the organization. Anything wrong is because of the imperfect man that make up our religion. However, anything positive is because of our religion.

    As long as you do not question the teachings and do not hold our religion accountable for any wrong what so ever, I will love you: “Lots and lots of love!!”


  • punkofnice

    So JoHo, what are your thoughts about replying to the lil' possum?

  • slimboyfat

    Sounds like she’s really saying: “you owe me a life of adherence and agreement with Watchtower because that makes me feel better about myself and my own choices in life.”

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    How about: "woe! Thanks for asking how my son is doing! Next time you want to tell someone how righteous you are, write someone else!"

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    So much gold in one thread - thank you, every one of you!

    @punkofnice This whole experience of bouncing ideas around with you guys has been beyond cathartic during this time. I feel satisfied enough just reading through your rational replies and coming up with my own hypothetical responses. The dame who emailed me may no longer be getting an actual reply from me.

    I love what @StephaneLaliberte did. It really holds a mirror up to Sister Blind Faith's cult speak and forces her to read her own fallacious demands without the WT weasel words watering them down. I kind of wouldn't mind just responding to her email saying:

    "Hey! I'm so glad I've got this down in writing now. I've printed your email out to take along to all my Return Visits and interested friends I've been preaching to. Could you believe that this whole time I've been telling them that as Jehovah's Witnesses, we 'welcome ALL questions and are always happy to answer queries about our beliefs. One thing you'll love about Jehovah's Witnesses is that we ALWAYS accept questions, unlike other religions where knowledge is usually restricted to the Priests/Pope or higher-ups'? ...I guess I was giving them misleading information - kind of like a bait-and-switch sales pitch, eh? I feel so bad, but at least now I can honestly set them straight. With your email, I'm able to show them that asking questions about our religion is the gateway to sinning against the Holy Spirit, for which destruction at Armageddon awaits. Our Governing Body is not inspired but somehow, they manage to possess greater knowledge about God and the Bible than any of us mere mortals! It's important you don't question their doctrine because God could kill you at Armageddon.' That ought to shut those interested people up and help them see it's the Truth! :) Thanks for the advice!"

    @sparrowdown wrote this in a more recent thead, so I have to include it because it was just so well put: 'I find indifference to their beliefs and their culty social games really gets to them. They really have no idea what to do with indifference. As I said they need a reaction any reaction so they can interpret it and label you as either "guilty" or "bitter" or "pathetic loser" or "weak and ashamed" etc etc. If they are met with smiling indifference to their religious beliefs combined with calm assertiveness ie giving them nothing they can "read" it's like they become genuinely intrigued with why you are immune to their guilt-inducing superpowers. Maybe even intrigued long enough for a little seed of curiosity to sprout in their mind.'

    By the way, my son pulled through his operation - we are back from hospital now :). Thank you for the well wishes. xxx

  • mentalclarity

    First, hope your son has a swift recovery.

    I'd probably write an email with all the things I'd like to respond and then just delete it. It's best not to engage with crazy people and especially since you are still in the process of fading. Whatever you respond would do nothing to sway her own convictions, but it might be cathartic for you just to write it and not send it.

  • Xanthippe
    By the way, my son pulled through his operation - we are back from hospital now :smile:. Thank you for the well wishes. xxx

    That's very good news Wake Me 😄

  • Hecce
    He doesn't favour the intellectual ones who are proud and showy with their academic knowledge.

    By her occupation you can see that she is an authority on the subject of academic knowledge.

    One day last month, she swung by en route to her cleaning job at a local business I live nearby.

    Stay away from her, she is trouble. The Penton incident was a long time ago, she must be older than 60.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @mentalcarity That's what this thread could just be about: getting all the teeth-gritting madness out on paper without Sister Blind Faith having access to my frustrations. Thank you - and @Xanthippe - for thinking of baby WHAM! He's a tough tot. X

    @Hecce You know what, she may be fifty. My guess is, she was only an adolescent when Penton woke up and half her cong left after him. Her mother was a faithful JW to her death last year, so Sister Blind Faith would have been under her roof and following suit, unlike her older siblings who were in a position to vote with their feet.

    You say "she is trouble" - all loyal JWs are, unfortunately.

  • DesirousOfChange

    By the way, my son pulled through his operation - we are back from hospital now :smile:. Thank you for the well wishes. xxx

    Good news indeed!

    BTW -- if you want to be snarky with the JW Bitty, then I like Snakes suggestion of using 1 Thess 4:11.

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