"You owe Jehovah humility and HONESTY" - an email from a JW

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  • WTWizard

    More than "what" I owe that tyrant from the Pleiadean region that created the ugliest rubbish imaginable and is trying to destroy all beauty and enslave us under the most miserable condition, WHY? Why do I owe that pinnacle of ugliness a f***ing thing?

  • Incognito

    WT leads JW's to believe they should not respect differing belief's, thereby forcing JWs to attempt to 'save' everyone else by attempting to convert them to become JWs as JWs are told, they would be held bloodguilty by God for not doing such.

    It seems many of us when leaving the JW religion, hold a similar belief that it is our obligation to convert JWs from being JWs or at least we must inform them to TTATT. Perhaps we need to stop to consider and respect other people's right to believe as they wish to believe, JWs included.

    With regard to the email received, if it had been sent from a different acquaintance that holds other religious beliefs, would you worry about what to do with her email?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Incognito If the email were sent to me from someone of a different faith and it still smacked of the same arrogance and call to action from Sister Blind Faith's one... I would definitely stand my ground and firmly explain why their email is immoral, illogical and insulting.

    The difference is, I wouldn't need to delicately dumb down my response if it were going to a non-cult member.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    This JW woman is saying that asking questions can become 'sinning against the spirit'?

    What a load of old cobblers.

    I agree with Punk's first response - bin this crap.

  • punkofnice

    Oh, go on then...here goes....

    Hey [WHAM!]

    Hello Dahlink. Counting time to buy salvation are we?

    I came across this article and it reminded me of when we spoke and I warned you to be careful that your "questioning" doesn't get out of control and turn to actual sinning against Holy Spirit?

    Why do you think you have authority over me to ‘warn’ me. I find that rather patronising. Wouldn’t you find it so were it t’other way ‘round? I’m not beneath you am I? Please say, ‘not’ my little angelic bubble bath.

    Don't read this with the view to picking it apart, but rather with a humble heart asking Jehovah to guide you. Ok?

    Well, darling heart. Too late. I add; It really isn’t ok. Firstly, demonstrate that your version of god actually exists, outside of your cult indoctrinated imagination and we’ll talk after that.

    I love you and [WHAM! Jr.]

    Oh, please…..

    and want what is best for your long term future.

    You may not realise it but I’m more interested in my long term future than anyone living or imaginary. Your version of what’s best for me involves giving money to a corporation that protects paedophiles. Oh, and by the way lovey, I can prove that with evidence from sources that are not what you’d hilariously call ‘apostate™’

    This world has nothing to offer you but to use you and then spit you out as it already has and you came near to death!

    Let me re-phrase that for you snookums, “The Watchtower corporation has nothing to offer you but to use you and then spit you out as it already has and you came near to death!

    You owe Jehovah humility and honesty. He doesn't favour the intellectual ones who are proud and showy with their academic knowledge.

    Oh, my poor, poor petal. Haven’t you worked it out using logic yet? Jehovah doesn’t exist. Yes, lovey. All made up. Just like all the other gods that you don’t believe in. I don’t owe anything to what’s in your imagination. Silly fluffy puddy tat.

    He sees your loving heart [WHAM!] and has tried to help you on numerous occasions.

    Really? When? How do you know this? Have you been hearing those voices in your lil’ old head again? You need help methinks.

    Now it's time to walk the walk, no more talk.

    I agree. Please be off f***ing and don’t F*** back on until I say you can.

    Get to work in proclaiming the kingdom blessings to the lost souls in this dying world.

    What ‘kingdom blessings™? The genocide of billions on innocent people because they didn’t want to join a crack-pot cult like watchtower corporation?

    You will be so much happier! (Ignore the occasional hypocrite and just put your nose to the ground pleasing Jehovah).

    I’m happier now. I’m not constantly being guilt tripped by 8 bloody Yanks in Warwick….and by the way, they constantly beg for money, which is a bit of a blow after what old Chuck Russell said. Here you go, look it up,

    "In 1879, the second issue of this magazine stated: “‘Zion’s Watch Tower’ [as this magazine was then called] has, we believe JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg nor petition men for support.” We have not wavered from that policy."

    You won’t will you?!

    Lots and lots of love!!

    Pass me the bucket. Bleuuuuurrrrghhhhhhhhhh!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey there. Not knowing if you're committed to the fade or not, here's my two cents...

    I know plenty of "dig in the heels" type. In car groups, they talk as if YHWH told them to be frank and tell it like it is to you "spiritually weak" kinds... Shake you up, you know?

    I think any kind of response is inviting more responses from her. I wouldn't even mess with it. Don't give her anything to one day testify against you with either. Anything less than "I know this is the truth, I believe it 100%, just going through a tough time right now" won't satisfy her at all I bet.

    Her reward, whether she has awareness of this or not, is the self righteous high she gets for being right with YHWH, the congregation, and generall, "da troof". It gives purpose to her life. Sometimes, a response will cause her to gravitate your way more. If you're ok with that, respond.

    If you are planning to blow up the bridge as I did, tell her whatever you need. But if you are in the middle of playing the game, play this part well.

  • jp1692

    Frankly, you're probably better off just ignoring her. As the saying goes, "You can't argue with a sick mind!"

    That being said, you might consider a carefully crafted response to Sister Blind Faith's absurd, but common JW assertion: "Jehovah ... doesn't favour the intellectual ones who are proud and showy with their academic knowledge"

    One play might be something along the lines of: "Why would Jehovah give us intelligence and then not want us to use it? Does that make any sense to you, any sense at all?"

    You're better off not engaging. It's not about doctrine or any alleged "truth" after all. It's just about control and blind obedience.

    Let's review: It's cult!
  • JaniceA

    The letter is offensive and as much fun as it would be to cut her down with a sharp and witty response, it will be wasted on her.

    Silence wont be! Silence makes the sender wonder why. She might re-read her own words on a different day that has her cult mindset off (a new light, legal involvement locally, a scandal or hall closure) and think about it. Any of those sharp, witty responses though will be promptly deleted and off her radar forever.

    i therefore vote for silence.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Wake Me --

    If you're in a successful "fade" and want to keep it that way, then STFU. Anything you put in writing here could be used against you in a JW Kangaroo Court and she'd think she's "saving you" from yourself and Satan.

    Tread softly!


    Let's review: It's a Cult!

  • Spiral

    I would say that these righteous types are "getting their reward in full" now, trying to lord it over all of us "spiritually weak" types.

    "OK?" (ugh)

    No, it's not ok.

    I'm sure you'll get a few of these, as I did. I always want to ask why God created everyone just so he can test them constantly. Doesn't the greatest being in the universe have anything better to do with his time? Apparently not. So, if you "please him" you look forward to eternal life constantly trying to stay on his good side, because that is all we are created to do.

    I ignored emails (or texts) like this when I received them, and they stopped coming.

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