Elder wants to stop by with the CO for a visit .

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  • LongHairGal

    NIK L:

    You have gotten a lot of good advice from people here and that is to refuse any visits from the elders! You are on their radar and they are not there to "encourage" you.

    As you said, there are people there more in need of an "encouraging" call. And, by the way, they are not interested in the single women there except to target them to do favors for all the users. These women should get the hell out of the Witness religion and their depression will improve. I can attest to this.

    Meanwhile, heed everybody's advice and refuse intrusive visits. If you are a "nice" guy who hates confrontation and to be seen as disagreeable, STOP answering the door when they come by. START screening phone calls and do not answer texts. It may be necessary to finally block their numbers if they persist.

    If you do not do these things you will be prolonging the pain.

    Good luck.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    so just what is likely to happen if they do come on a visit ?

    quote a scripture or 3 ?

    offer a prayer ?

    sacrifice a chicken ?

    what is the worst outcome ?

  • kairos

    Is it OK to just say, "we don't want a visit. No thank you?"

  • tepidpoultry

    Stan :)

    The worst is the meeting (which was actually an investigation) will

    generate an orol report and discussion at the next meeting of the Body of


    This could lead to a JC meeting where he is burned at the stake for his


    By being DFed,

    That would be the worst,


  • SAHS

    NikL, if the CO – or any elder, for that matter – ever asks you if you believe that the WT faithful and discreet slave is God’s sole representative on earth, then I would simply refer them to Geoffrey Jackson’s response to that very question posed by the Australian Royal Commission (ARC), as to whether those of the governing body are “inspired” of God. Geoffrey Jackson was quoted as replying: “That I think would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using.”

    Indeed, I would allow our fine Mr. Jackson to hang himself – that is, to reply for himself. And if you still keep getting some flak about it, then I would just keep playing that same except from the ARC until the point is duly received. Yes, let that precious little gem of a sound byte do its job.

  • tepidpoultry

    Um, Kairos, by your comment you don't sound like you're that familiar with Jehovah's Witnesses lol

    If any baptized Witness tried to give a polite refusal this would

    immediately be discussed by the elders amongst themselves,

    The inactive refuser would be on everyone's radar,

    And there would be intense efforts for two elders to meet with him and

    this time he would be under investigation,

    For Apostasy,

    The results of this would be made to the body of elders,

    Who would probably appoint a judicial committee,

    That could disfelowship him,

    From Jehovah's loving Organization,


  • tepidpoultry


    Your argument is logical,

    Sad to say I'm pretty sure it wouldn't win points with any Judiciary



  • btlc

    So virtually NOBODY here thinks this could just be an encouraging visit for my wife who has been under a lot of stress with caring for her mother and poor health?

    It could be, lately (last two years afaik) they just do casual visits, friendly talks, no questioning, etc. The goal for elders is to visit every family in the cong once a year (or two?), no matter of spiritual stage. They save some cases to CO, especialy divided homes or faded ones. If you didn't anything big last six months, no worry, it will be just a common chat. At least that was when they visited us last year (i'm inactive for 15y, my wife is devoted JW for decades).

  • freddo

    Welcome btlc!

    How did your last visit go? - what with you and your wife being at "hem-hem" different levels of "spirituality."

  • btlc

    @freddo ty!

    Well, 15y ago, when UN - NGO affair was on, I sent a letter to local branch asking what's going on. Then they made a committee, start to harassing me, etc, you know how its work. I was devoted till then, after that I was "spiritualy" devastated, but I survived. In the meantime, I froze all activities, just attending meetings once in a few months, to say hello to old folks, some of elders was removed/replaced, one congregation was disbanded, the new policy about faded ones was started, etc. My wife and my and her family was devoted all the time, but, funny thing, I never had problem to talk with elders, any time any place, but she simply hates "visits". That particulary visit was last year, after elder said: it would be just once, a half hour session, nothing more, i promise, and she agrees. CO was talking mostly about his service, his background, state of the cong, branch plans, that thing about visiting every member, etc. No questioning at all. I learn that they trying to change perception of elders visits from "wtf I did wrong?" to "awww, whata honour!"

    what with you and your wife being at "hem-hem" different levels of "spirituality."

    P.S. We learned to keep our personal life - personal. She didn't anything wrong, but she also experienced some kind of shunning in the cong because of me (to the matter of the fact, I didn't do anything wrong either). She survived too, but with conscience of some things she never dreamed before. To make long story short, we are happier now than earlier.

    P.P.S. I'm sorry i can't express on English better, hope it is understable.

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