Elder wants to stop by with the CO for a visit .

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  • tepidpoultry

    I read a definition recently that said "true evil is accomplished by those

    who think they are doing good."

  • NikL

    So now the elder has texted back and said he meant Thursday. Said "sorry his bad". Sheesh.

    He said "I know it's short notice". I am going to say to my wife I prefer not to. If she wants to she can go ahead.

    I really think my wife would prefer not to as well but she wont say it.

  • ab.ortega

    Just reply, 'oh I also meant Thursday. my bad"

    For reference, I blocked all elders and nosy people's numbers on my phone. At least I can honestly say I never received any message from such and such. (snicker)

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah it won't go well for you. Once a brother has checked out they go after the wife and kids and basically treat you as if you don't exist, dead man walking. Keep them away and hopefully away from your wife too. It's hard though they'll just meet with her behind your back.

  • Xanthippe
    So now the elder has texted back and said he meant Thursday. Said "sorry his bad". Sheesh.

    He's manipulating you by pretending he meant another day so whatever day you said you couldn't make it he would change it. What does this tell you?

    This 'sort of' friend lied to you. If the CO pushes you into a corner with a 'do you still think the FDS are God's representatives on earth?' question, be sure if you answer in the negative your 'friend' will be on the JC that disfellowships you, even if it's in your absence.

  • jookbeard

    this elder is being particularity devious and dishonest, pretending to have the dates mixed up and bringing the date forward, give them nothing, you owe them nothing, dont waste your time with these small minded pedantic idiots, they clearly have an issue they feel the need to talk with you about, tell him to whistle Dixie!

  • stuckinarut2

    What xanthippe said above!

    Dont meet.

    Simply remember what appropriate boundaries are.... and you may need to remind them of those same appropriate boundaries

  • Vidiot

    Potential TTATT-inactives make them nervous, 'cause still-ins can - technically - still talk to 'em.

    Ten bucks says they wanna smoke out your suspected "apostate" ass.

  • mrquik

    Talk about back stabbers. I was the BOE chairman's favorite. We would frankly discuss weaknesses within the body & make recommendations to the CO. At one CO meeting, he asked if I was conducting a study with my inactive adult daughter who was going to college and living at home. I explained as an adult, she would not study & I couldn't force her. Nothing else was said until the final Sunday meeting when he recommended my deletion as an elder. The chairman had known about this & never gave me a clue. When the CO left I told them I was done as an elder & so began my slide out of the cult. I'll say it again; just another manmade religion. Not my circus; not my monkeys.

  • NikL

    Seems to be pretty unanimous that this is a very bad thing.

    So virtually NOBODY here thinks this could just be an encouraging visit for my wife who has been under a lot of stress with caring for her mother and poor health?

    Yeah, me either I guess.

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