Physically in mentally agnostic ie sitting on the fence

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  • slimboyfat

    Usually yes, but in this case they seem to be talking about organisms themselves playing a part in their own evolution through an act of will, thereby in a sense “intelligently designing” their progeny. Just another example of how evolution may be more complicated and in important ways different than traditionally conceived. Weinstein also makes the point that advocates of intelligent design, however conceived, are modern day heretics, and heretics perform the important function of keeping unfashionable ideas in the mix of available explanations that may provide useful elements in the future.

  • truthlover123


    You believe in Jesus, you love the bible, that's great, you believe holy spirit is involved because the org. has promoted the HS for years UNTIL -THEY DROPPED the holy spirit from the scripture that all must be baptized in the name of the father, the son AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. (so who wrote all those mags, brochures, new light??)

    NOW, the second baptism question omits the HOLY SPIRIT from that scripture- and baptizes you into the ORGANIZATION! Isn't that a surprise? They gloss this misuse of the written word by indicating this organization is Jehovahs organization - well, where is the scripture for that? Doesn't the bible say that no one word is to be removed, especially the holy spirit, the rememberer that Jesus himself spoke of? How can you take a hard look at what you are saying by not realizing everyone, everyone being baptized now is really no part of that scripture, but brain f'd that they will have life because of this man made, money making, real estate, investment in blue chip stocks, taking money from a gambling operation, hiding child abuse and when found to be guilty, offer NDA's so the "Brothers" can protect Jehovahs Organization ? Do you really think Jehovah or Jesus want to be part of THAT organization? If you do, you are really off course- sure the org is preaching around the world, why? Ever hear of the Amway corporation? More Bodies, more money in the machine, but when you ask, why do they need more money? Who knows? Its more than worldwide work- its to pay off the worldly lawyers they HAVE to pay for legal woes, wait! Let's sell more halls... lets ask more from the pubs who are already paying EVERY MONTH an amount of $$ so we would not have mortgages to pay off IF we needed updates to the hall. ( but then with all the deeds to the halls, land donated, halls built by volunteers- stolen) You have been in bethel, (seems u are not) get out and clear your head if your still in.. See the org for what it is... I'm sure you can't take what you find out, so put your head back in the sand. And if your a troll, working at bethel on their super duper A I system, hopefully you can use the brain you have to start figuring it out, MR. PIMA

    Oh I forgot- they won't help you get to the new system - why you ask, because THEY are saying Jesus did not die for you- but the BIBLE does say he died for the world that believed in him... Just another little smack in the head with a revelation you don't hear when you are studying to become a JW. It's a bait and switch organization, bring you in cause you love the Bible, then slowly, slowly erase that thought and die for an organization that is misleading you

    Have a great day- we have all been there, many times believing the direction, putting faith in men, only to be left disillusioned, a victim in the worst way - spiritually. Keep on seeking, keep on knocking this board can help if you are being truthful in your quest.

  • blondie

    I was reading about PIMI, PIMO, POMO, PIMA, I figure PIMA is really OM, out mentally if they acknowledge to themselves they are agnostic. Then when the picket fence gets so high, then they have to re-evaluate their "stance" on being agnostic, can they stay or is it time to leave physically. That is pick one side of the fence or the other, as the picket reaches their crotch. I was on 2 sides regarding being agnostic/atheistic before I realized that my belief in the WT god was gone and then as well as any god. So I left physically, mentally out so to speak. But after about 2 years quibbling about my non-belief in god, I finally admitted, that the god of any religion if existing was not something I wanted to identify with. I could not believe that that god would let people suffer through no action of their own so horribly. I could not believe that god lets little children be sexually injured/attacked by adults and then tell self-identified Christians or jws in charge say these little children must continue to suffer, or be blown apart during human wars, etc. I could not believe that little children with both parents non-jws, would die eternally at the WT teaching of Armageddon. So, I recognize that really means I am an atheist. I am not sitting in judgment on those who continue to have faith. But for me, I cannot do it. So whatever others label us or definitions of atheist/agnostic they use, it is our own careful examination of what we think and do in that area. There is no group of atheists, agnostics or similar that have the same ideas about which category they themselves feel they are in. Self-examination is the only we can know ourselves. Well, sorry for the speech, but these ideas have been occurring to me. Blondie, thanks if you read this. My beliefs, but don't have to be yours per me.

  • Balaamsass2

    Welcome to the site EXbethelite. Ex- Brooklyn Bethelite from the 70s myself.

    You like to read the Bible, right? What did Jesus say the mark of his followers would be? (He said the Pharisees would travel to the ends of the earth to make a disciple...was that the "mark"?)

    Fruitage was the key right? "Love among yourselves." Right?

    On what planet does financial abuse of seniors and protecting child rapists show "Love" or "truth"? Satan is the father of the lie..right? Lies are wrong...not theocratic strategy..right? We don't need to discuss deep theology when any common felon knows these things are wrong...right? BASIC STUFF.

    Remember the multiple talks about how stirring 1% dirt or poison into a 99% clean glass of water ruins it? Or the admonition to "Get out of her my people if you do not want to share in her sins", "Stop touching the unclean thing"?

    As far as preaching goes...I had some interesting conversations with GB member Ray Franz and his wife Cynthia while we were both at Bethel. Just how effective is door-to-door ministry? Is that as effective as preaching in the marketplace like in the first century? Where is the "marketplace" today? In the 70s it was TV and Radio. Many churches are far more effective with media (the marketplace) than JWs.

    Just a few things to think about. Keep your mind, ears, and heart open. :)

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA
    blondie5 days ago

    I was reading about PIMI, PIMO, POMO, PIMA, I figure PIMA is really OM, out mentally if they acknowledge to themselves they are agnostic. Then when the picket fence gets so high, then they have to re-evaluate their "stance" on being agnostic, can they stay or is it time to leave physically.


    Blondie Where I am right now is very happy sitting on the fence. It’s taken years to get here and now I’m at the acceptance stage.

    I am comfortable with not knowing the entire truth and I really am at peace with that.

    On these very forums there are some atheists and some who do believes the Bible, there is a lot of confusion but I’m very wary of those who talk as if they definitely know the truth.

    Statements like “evolution has been proven now” just makes someone kind like an uneducated idiot

    I don’t think any of us know the truth and if we are all honest we would admit this.

    I love the Bible I think it’s beneficial to study it. Is there more to the story? Yes absolutely. Does anyone know the entire truth? Absolutely not.

    I genuinely enjoy going to meetings and having associations even going on the ministry groups (even though we only do ten mins these days)

    I suspect the Governing body are wrong about many things but they could be right about some things none of us can say for sure.

    I am happy being physically in and mentally agnostic. Living the best life I can enjoying the congregation but I suspect I will grow old as Armageddon won’t be coming in my life.

    If I’m wrong and the witnesses were right (unlikely) then even their doctrine allows for those sitting on the fence as long as they are inside to jump that side of the fence last minute 🤣

  • ThomasCovenant

    ExBethelitenowPIMA / LLubrevlis / InDoubtBigTime,

    Do you think that your continued outward appearance of actually being Physically In and Mentally In ( after all, isn't that what continued Physically In is implying), may have an influence on others, particularly on younger impressionable people who have only known the religion of their parents and others they may look up to as being 'In the Truth' , to not have a blood transfusion in a life and death situation?

    Or do you think your continued pretending to be a true believer has no influence on others who may look up to you?

    I ask as one who was Physically In and Definitely Mentally Out for years. When the blood issue finally hit home directly to my family I believed I was very much part of the problem. I realize others don't feel the same. I don't understand why they don't.

  • TonusOH
    Does anyone know the entire truth? Absolutely not.

    It's lines like this that make me wonder if you're having a bit of fun at our expense. But it did make me chuckle.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    TonusOH do you claim to know the entire truth then? 🤣

  • TonusOH

    You misunderstood my post. You used the term "absolutely." That's a high degree of certainty for someone who is implying that know one can know for sure.

    I thought you'd done it on purpose, as a bit of humor. Now, I'm not so sure...

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    No humour intended

    Yes you are correct in what I am saying

    Do you disagree with me on this?

    Some on here are absolutely sure in Darwin’s theory of evolution. I think nobody could know sure, not absolutely sure.

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