Who here has a way with women?

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    seven006, good post.

    Every woman is different, though I tend to agree with Estee about most women not wanting an indecisive male. Some of it is perception though; what one woman would consider indecisive another would consider to be sensitive to her feelings. Both are probably right.

    As far as indecisive goes, I have found that to be a characteristic of women as much or more than men.

    Yes, but socialization and evolution allow for this. Traditionally, men have been the decision-makers, the providers and protectors. I am not saying this applies in all cases, or that this is necessarily right. However, it does mean that decisiveness is generally considered manly. It also means that indecisiveness in a woman is not undesirable; traditionally, the woman's role has been to support the male.

    If a guy knows what he wants from the beginning, that may scare some women. That is dependent on what that "want" is. It would be nice to be completely honest and up front from first eye contact but I have never seen that happen nor is that first attraction solid enough to carry though to any thing more than a first sight attraction. The eventual introduction of things both unexpected and unwanted during the dating process can change everything.

    I normally state my intentions upfront and I find that works for me. This does tend to scare some women, as they are used to guys hiding their intentions. I have been accused on this site of being a player simply because if I am considering a woman as a possible marriage mate, I state that upfront. With American women, I tell them the problems with falling for a Canadian as the immigration rules are heartbreaking. If this makes me a player, then so be it; I prefer to state my intentions upfront, so that she knows what she is dealing with. Some people think it is better to hide one's intentions, win her heart over, and then tell her the problems that come with an international romance and marriage. I think such people are cads. Each to their own, I guess.

    So, if I am just having fun, seeking a lover, or am seeking a wife, the woman knows very quickly where I stand. I do this to minimize heartache, and because I don't play games. Fortunately, now I don't have to worry about such things, as I have found myself a very wonderful woman who I intend on spending the rest of my life with. And yeah, she knew my intentions upfront. And when those intentions changed (I fell in love with her), she was immediately told.

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    I'm the original maximum-strength "Girl-B-Gone".

    Bendrr: I recommend deodorant. It works wonders!

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    I'm the original maximum-strength "Girl-B-Gone".

    Is that taken orally, or just a spray.

    And the women shall tremble at the mere sight of me!

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