Who here has a way with women?

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  • Skeptic


    Basically my reasoning about that is : you want her, take her … I’M OUT right now!

    My thinking is similar. If a lady does not want me, she should move on. If she is coming on to every man in the room, how special am I? Somebody else can have the slut, I don't need her. There are a world of decent, good, loyal women. Why pick or stay with someone who is loose or plays games?

  • StinkyPantz


    I tend to be totally in awe of any woman I fall for. I found out the hard way that this turns women off for some reason. I think it scares them; some people are afraid of love, and I love very deeply.

    This is so sweet. . . and yet so sad. . .

  • Skeptic
    This is so sweet. . . and yet so sad. . .

    <blush> thanks, sp.....don't worry for me, my tale has a very happy ending.

  • teejay

    >>>>I tend to be totally in awe of any woman I fall for. I found out the hard way that this turns women off for some reason. -- Skeptic


    It's like you said: " just treat them like people." That is so profound because it's not only so simple -- it's totally true. Treat them like people. Women are (or CAN be) as full of shit as any man. They can be pretty cool and awfully fun to be around, too. Just treat 'em like people and you'll quickly find out which they are.

    And you're right: ""Few men do." It's been my experience that a good number of men have issues with women that keeps them from treating them like people -- a worship complex; a "I only wanna jump your bones" complex; a "I hate you because you remind me of my mother" complex, etc. Women love it when they have the chance to be around a man who doesn't have those kinds of issues. Believe me.

    One of the most fun places I could ever be is a room full of women. Like when the wife has a jewelry / candle party and five or six of her friends come over. Or at work and I stumble into the kitchen and there's nothing but women in there. You talk about fun! In that situation, most of the men I know would freeze up like a deer caught in the headlights and find a ballgame on TV as quick as they could. Me? I really hafta watch myself 'cause in a setting like that I'm like a little kid in a candy factory. -hee hee-

    There's lots of ways to get women going, but in case you don't know one, here's a tip: get 'em to talk about men. (That was a free tip. You'll have to pay for the rest.) If you're just a little bit clever, you can have a lot of fun with what comes out of that.

    And don't be skurrred. Be confident. Have strong opinions. My act in those areas is usually pretty convincing. :D

  • Eric


    I tend to be totally in awe of any woman I fall for. I found out the hard way that this turns women off for some reason.

    I have identified this behavior in myself. I call it "My Puppy Dog Syndrome", and it is so easy to fall into.

    Puppies are lovable, and so they get affection in return. He'll follow you anywhere, and will do whatever you want to do. He's so loyal, and so cute sometimes that he's hard to resist, but who has the time these days to train a puppy. It might break her heart, but eventually she'll put a sign up in the front yard, "Puppy for Sale".

    Much better to be the dog who can hunt for himself, defend every inch of her territory, and still lope along at her side when she wants to go for a run.


  • wednesday

    a guy who will spend time talking to me . that is a real turn on. It is like foreplay for a woman.

  • minimus

    This always works for me, in my best Beavis and Butthead imitation-----"Hey Baby!.....ahhhhhh------Like how you doin?'".....

  • oldcrowwoman

    Not I says the cat.

  • drwtsn32
    my best Beavis and Butthead imitation

    LOL minimus! Just don't do say "I'm gonna score!" cause that seems to turn the ladies off.

    - Doc (of the owns-beavis-and-butthead-dvds class)

  • Valis

    And if all else fails just tell em you do lots of charity work...most especially missionary work for the "Free The Twins" foundation....


    District Overbeer of the "Selfless & Charitable" class

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