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  • Robdar

    Damn, I hope that I never piss any of you people off

    WG, the best revenge is to live well. Do what you have to do to him to feel better and then get on with your life. Be happy and make sure he knows how happy you are.

    I am not very creative in the revenge department. I wish that I could tell you something really evil, rotten and mean to do to get back at him but I can't come up with anything. I do, however, wish you all the happiness that you can get. You deserve it after the way this jerk has treated you.


  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    OK, forget the "what you should do" conversation... what will be best for your kids' father? Cause you ain't getting rid of him, and no matter what (short of incarceration) he will be an active part of your children's lives. Protect your interests and theirs... but at the same time protect theirs. If their dad becomes even less effective, even more of a wacko, because of how good a job you do in screwing him over, then great - you win - and the kids lose.

    Sorry he's such a loser. Really.

  • kgfreeperson

    True, but he's not their father.

  • Savage_Buda


    Ok, I wasn't going to post but its one thing to leave if the marriage is bad but another to leave like a coward. What happened to working it out? What happened - wait never mind, he has a JW mind. That is what pisses me off, not that he left you (yes get over it move on) its the way he did it. Religion or not - he might as well put a sticky note like "Sex in the City" said "sorry its not going to work out".

    Oh yea, we are talking about the "no family togetherness, openness to discuss anything religion." I am sooo glad I was never a part of it. I totally feel for you and really do hope success in your life after this. If you need to vent and would like to chat on the phone (ring us up - we'll help if we can) other wise - here are my comments (note: these are opinions and views that might not reflect your views then again I think I might have heard these wrong)

    1. Didn't you say he was BI?
    2. Doesn't he wear women's clothing?
    3. Didn't we see him at the strip club?
    4. I thought we heard he had an affair with that women, what's her face?
    5. I thought we heard he had an affair with that man, what's his face?
    6. Didn't he say that he was into BDSM?
    7. Although you helped support him, he can be forced to pay it back - didn't you say you let him borrow the money to be paid back later?
    8. You could always go to the KH and wait till he goes in and then go in there and yell in front of everyone "how could you sleep with her...she was just 18...you cheating bastard!!!"
    9. As you divorce, he can be made to pay back half the bills - regardless if you make more money. The law in most states is equal property - equal pain (exceptions do apply).
    10. Oh I am soo sorry did we send porno mags to his families house? My bad!!!
    11. There are more evil and mean things to do that borderline on illegal - I think you can come up with your own but of course - we as a forum don't condone such illegal acts we just enjoy them...
    12. What is hard is that "it appears" that he has crossed over, he is not married to the fine women you are but married to the book of false truths and miss guided intentions - spineless coward. (yes, I would say that to his face - {Savage mumbles on and on about commitment yada yada yada})

    Bah humbug....


  • Mary
    Robdar said: I am not very creative in the revenge department. I wish that I could tell you something really evil, rotten and mean to do to get back at him but I can't come up with anything.

    That's okay Robdar...........I have enough evil and revenge in me to make up for both of us.

    Worldly Girl it is true what others have wrote here though: if your ex wants to remarry, he will definitely stalk you in order to catch you "in the act". I personally know of several Witnesses who have stalked their mates, taken pictures as proof of adultery and turn them over to the elders. Once the elders see these pictures and whack off over them, the "innocent" party is free to remarry, so if you really want to screw him over, make sure whatever you do, is done VERY carefully.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!

  • Amazing

    Don't call it revenge ... call it what it is ... Justice. Get the meanest lawyer you can find, and explore every possibility, including going after the congregation. Marriage is a legal contract, ask your lawyer if the congregation's influence on him to leave you is a form of interference with contract ... an act that has cost big business lots of money ... Texaco went down for $10 Billion when Pennzoil sued them over interferring with the Getty contract.

    Maybe you can get the Watchtower to pony up some money ... after a trial of course ... afterall they inspired the 'interference with contract' by inventing the provision called 'spiritual endangerment' ... that is the term they use to justify a JW leaving the non-JW mate when there is religious division in the home. If you can win, you will not only get justice, but pave the way for others to win ...

  • worldlygirl
    Once the elders see these pictures and whack off over them,

    LMAO - Mary, you are DEFINITELY the wittiest person on this board!

    Worldlygirl (picturing three decrepit elders in a circle-jerk ... )

  • kls

    I am also married to a jw .It's bad enough they have love for their cult more then their own families but to say you are spiritually holding him back and want's a divorce is more then i could take.Jws are only out to save their own asses.They don't care who they hurt as long as they can live in their paradise with their own kind.If my jw husband said that to me ,i would do what ever it took to make him feel the same hurt as you are feeling.I really believe to get back at him would be to go after the org.No jw wants the org. to be hurt .One thought is to put an ad in your local paper so everyone knowes he wants to divorce you and why.I am so sorry and i hope you can find a bright spot in the end. Do what ever you have to do . Kathy

  • wednesday


    reread JT post.. his suggestions are excellent,and will work.


  • JT

    reread JT post.. his suggestions are excellent,and will work.


    THANKS - and yes they do work- i had a sister tell her lawyer to write to the wt legal dept about sueing- her ex-hubby was an elder but they didn't get a scriptual divorce so he kept asking her to sign a letter stating adulty, so she call me and ask what to do- he went so far as to write HER PASTOR- SO I told her get the letter from the pastor, make a copy give to lawyer- the lawyer wrote up one of those "We are about to take out a can of WHIP A$$" letters sent it directly to legal explaining that since this elder who is a representive of yours is following your instructions to get a confession of adulty from his wife and since she has not commited it he is stressing her out to get her to sign something she didn't do, now he is humilating her by telling her pastor, etc BS, BS BS- smile- so we are Sueing you and him for harrassment IF THIS DON'T STOP WELL what happens by sending this to legal and not the local congo you get more big wigs involved so now legal has a copy of the letter from the pastor and the lawyers letter of threats- so they now have to send it over to the Service dept to track down the name of this elder and his congo and CO- bottom line the legal dept sent out this wonderful SWEET LETTER APLOGIZING and the service dept sent out a "Can of Whip A$$" letter to the CO and body of elders" the elders pulled him into the back room and roasted his black A$$, then when the CO came in a month or so he did a follow up based on the letter he got from the service desk- and due to a few other issues of concern, they used this to DELETE MY BOY- i know this guy personally in fact he and his wife introduced me to Lady "C" his wife has left the org along with us but he remained and they shafted him he ran into her in the supermarket and asked her how could you do me like this- well since he never go his adultry letter, he decided to marry the sister anyway and they both were dfed so here he is sitting in the back of the hall with his new wife, both dfed , no position, no respect and still much unhappy- Lady "C" and myself spent the weekend with this sister at her son-in-laws $700,000 country estate here in DC and i told everyone at the social function what i had done and the life of being a JW - it was amazing to watch all those folks mouth drop to know that those clean cut folks that come to their doors on sat am are involved in such BS smile

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