What TV shows were you told not to watch as a JW ???

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  • MrFreeze

    We could watch a lot of stuff but when we were kids we couldnt watch Tales From the Crypt. When I was a little older South Park. Ren and Stimpy was a no-no but we watched anyway. Same with wrestling.

  • nugget

    My parents got rid of the TV for years.

    Even when married couldn't admit to watching Buffy, Angel, X files, Scooby Doo, He Man, ThunderCats, Medium, charmed, Supernatural, Ghost whisperer, Derren Brown, Desperate housewives, anything with ghosts, magic or vampires. I love stuff with ghosts magic and vampires preferably all three.

  • JWinprotest

    Happy Days was banned in my household because they used the phrase "sit on it".

    Also; Three's Company, All In The Family, anything with magic or sorcery i.e. Smurfs, and Wrestling was a big no-no, mainly because we imitated the wrestlers.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Couldn't watch Bewitched but could watch I Dream of Jeanie.

    I saw no difference in them, except for the name.

    Couldn't watch wrestling or boxing, Casper, Yoga with Nadia, or soap operas.

    Mom made a rule about cartoons: none with people in them (violent), but Flintstones was okay.

    Seems like all our parents were a bit nuts.

    Some of these old threads are really good.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    My parents never objected to me watching wrestling every Saturday with Kent Walton. (Hi there grapple fans) I also watched boxing as did every JW I knew then.

    The really big no-no was CALLAN, Thursday night at 10 pm after the meeting but sometimes I managed to see it if I went to friends house. Remember Lonely and Mears?



    WOW, how violent was that?


  • lisaBObeesa
    Happy Days was banned in my household because they used the phrase "sit on it".


    Banned at our house:

    Popeye the Sailor (violence!)

    Smurfs (??)

    Casper the Friendly Ghost (spiritism)

    I Dream of Jeanie (spiritism)

    Fantasy Island (spiritism)

    Woody Woodpecker (annoying to my mom)

    Ecape to Witch Mountain (spritism)

    Anything with magic or ghosts....Except Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters was ok for some reason....

  • Dune

    I think i would have liked Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but didn't watch it because of the 'demons' in the show.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was so terrified of demons that a few chords of spooky music sent me into a long rush to the tv set to flick the switch. It would take me hours to feel safe.

    My father was too lazy to patrol our viewing. Sometimes too much violence was banned. We used to watch Bonanza as a family. Whenever there was a hanging, my father screamed to cover our eyes. This made the hanging on TV more traumatic than viewing it. I used to peek and saw nothing covering eyes worthy. As though a broadcast network with a FCC license would show an actual hanging.

    Many times I was able to get past his radar b/c he was so out of things. My mom was sharp but only wanted to shield us from violence. The man forbid bangs and eye makeup. I wore Yardley of London blue eyeshadow with eyeliner for four years without my father realizing. People used to compliment me. It was not subtle.

    Oh, the days of wasted childhood TV.

  • Pika_Chu

    Anything with magic and stuff like that. Also, "violent" super hero shows, anything with any cursing whatsoever.

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