What TV shows were you told not to watch as a JW ???

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Victorian Sky has a great thread on music


    It got me thinking, about TV shows, anything in particular you were told not to watch, being a little kid in the 70's I do remember hearing shows from the platform that we should not watch. Here's a few .......

    Three's Company ... a man living with two women, pretending to be gay !!!!!!!!!!!

    A-team ... to violent (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I still can't believe that)


    Saturday Night Live was the big taboo !!!!

    Lots of talk not to watch any of the Pope's tours, do they still say that today ???

    remember any you were told not to watch and when was it on ??? (year)

  • Swan

    Bosom Buddies

  • caspian


    I wasn't allowed to watch Scooby Doo.



  • Candlestick02

    I grew up in the 80's, 90's. So, I remember first my mom would get pissed if we'd watch music videos. You know, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson. . .

    Then when were like teenagers she wouldn't let us watch 90210.

    Friends: "too many sexual innuendos"

    We had to watch Fulls House and the show with Irkle.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Everything except the news, nature documentaries and shows like 60 mins., 48 hrs., 20/20, etc.

    Frannie B

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Run, in the mid 80s the show "Amen" it was a comedy starring the guy who played George Jefferson about a deacon trying to marry off his daughter. It was funny and I loved the sound of the gospel choir! Anyway I kept that hush hush. Also in the late 90s "Will and Grace" - the show cracks me up. An elder mentioned that one from the platform as Satan's way of getting us to lower our moral level - whatever! I'm a straight woman but now I'm hooked on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", wonder what they'd say about that! - V Sky

  • Swan

    Oh, I also remember the counsel from the podium not to watch All in the Family

  • drwtsn32

    I couldn't watch Scooby Doo or Simpsons when I lived at home... and I sometimes got flack for watching The X-Files.

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit

    Waaaaaaay back when I was a little girl, I wasn't allowed to watch "Bewitched", BUT it was okay if I watched "I Dream of Jeannie" I couldn't watch "Scooby Doo" but I could watch "Casper".

    I love movies and TV, especially now that I have the freedom to sit and watch it "knowing" it is for entertainment.

    My daughter and I never miss an episode of Sex and the City. We really got a kick out of the Harry Potter movies too.

    Oh mercy, what would the Brothers say?

  • blondie

    Well, my dad wasn't a JW so we got to watch just about anything. On school nights, we had to be in bed by 11 p.m. though. One year they switched Star Trek to a meeting night, arrrgh. I managed to be crammed with homework or sick that night. A VCR would have been handy then if they had been invented yet.

    My dad dragged us to a lot of "inappropriate" movies such as vampire and spooky movies and James Bond too.

    We did miss Saturday morning cartoons too often because we were out distributing magazines. We used to see the cartoons on in people's houses and hoped that my mother would get invited in so we could go watch cartoons with the householder's kids.

    Now I am a cartoon character.

    Blondie (Powerpuff Girl)

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