What TV shows were you told not to watch as a JW ???

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  • frenchbabyface

    basically, TV and the bathrooms was my best friends ...

  • drwtsn32

    Oh, I have caught up on all the Simpsons and own the first two seasons on DVD. Great stuff!!

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I am shocked no one said the smurfs, yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ignorance is strength
    ignorance is strength

    Couldn't watch anything like the X-files but I was allowed to watch violent stuff. My grandma told me that Star Wars was inspired by demons, this from a rumour started in her congregation.

  • shotgun

    The Goodies as a child because they had beards, Threes company because Jack pretended to be gay and anything with sex, violence or the occult which rules the FOX network totally out.

  • Beans

    The Loveboat, there was to much kissing which wasn't appropriate!


  • jwbot

    I grew up in the 90's.

    I was not allowed to watch the Simpsons...then my mom actually sat with me, watched the show, and SHE LOVES IT.

    Then, The Highlander...mom watched it, and it became her favorite show.

    Then, The X-Files. My sister and I would sneak watching it, my mom was at work. Then my moms work schedule changed, we told her to give the show a chance, and guess what? She loves the show.

    I have always watched Will and Grace. That show, I love. I would watch that, and mom would laugh at it also. Now, I would be uncomfortable to watch it with my mom, I am bisexual, and I can not come out to her, I am scared.

    Well, in addition to that, I went to the movies (secretly) to watch The Matrix. Well, it was such a good movie, even though it was rated "R" I felt that my mom would LOVE it (we have the same tastes) and maybe wouldn't notice it was R (becuase it really didn't have a lot of R-like features.). Anyway, I convinced her that the magical DVD's allowed you to change the rating of the movie, like it bleeped out swears or something, and borrowed the DVD to watch it with her at my uncles house with his incredibly large screen TV and sorround sound (you could feel the explosions in your ass). She loved the movie, And maybe a month later, I told her it was R. She was mad about that...but she said that the movie didn't seem to be R, and then shes all like "oh we have to decide for ourselves what movies are good". haha sure... Well she got my elder dad to watch the movie...he fell asleep..oops.

  • Elsewhere

    Smurfs, Casper the friendly ghost, Bewitched (yet I Dream of Jennie was Ok).

    I knew a kid who could not watch road runner because his mom did not like the way the coyote kept dieing and being "Resurrected"... only gawd can do that ya know!

    Yet another kid could not watch any cartoon that had talking animals... to similar to Satan talking through the snake!

  • Bendrr

    For some reason my hardliner folks didn't base their restrictions on what the Empire said. If I was restricted from watching some program it was usually just for the reason that I enjoyed it and my stepdad was in a bad mood at the time and decided to take it away.

    They didn't let me watch "Dukes of Hazzard" for a long time because (a) it came on at 9 which was my bedtime and (b) our JW neighbor's kid ran from the cops one night, and of course they blamed that on the Dukes. Ban later ended thanks to James Best. My stepdad thought Roscoe P. Coltrane was hilarious. Yep, while my brother and I couldn't watch it we'd still hear the Dukes on the TV in our folks' bedroom and my stepdad laughing his ass off. He finally gave in and let us stay up to watch it. He acted like it was killing him to let us stay up till 10.

    They jacked "The A-Team" because it was too violent, never mind the fact that they'd show 40-60 rounds being fired from a Mini-14's 30-round magazine and no one ever got hit.

    "Knight Rider" was verbotten because they didn't like the line in the intro "...a man who does not exist." Stepdad was in a bad mood that night so end of discussion. Later we ended up being able to watch it.

    "Greatest American Hero" was banned in our house for a while because one episode had to do with "hit men". Ban later ended because my stepdad thought Robert Culp was so funny in that show.

    For a while any sci-fi show was off-limits to me, but not to my little brother, for no other reason than the fact that I "enjoyed them too much".

    Saturday morning cartoons of course, because we had to go out selling magazines.

    "Married with Children"...banned in our house BIG TIME! My folks hated that show!

    Then of course came the regular "blackouts". That would be right after an assembly when my stepdad would get all spiritual on us and put blanket restrictions on the TV period. My brother and I would get one hour per day to watch it, 2 hours a day on the weekends, and a "floating" hour per week. Of course that really only applied to me since when [step]dad got home he'd turn on the TV in their bedroom and my little brother would hang out in there watching it with him and then mom and [step]dad would stay up till 11 watching TV after we'd gone to bed. Fortunately the "blackouts" would only last a couple of weeks.

    When you're a JW teen who has no friends whatsoever to hang out with, the only thing you've got is TV. Damn I hated living with them!


  • drwtsn32

    jwbot: My wife and I watched the Matrix when we were dubs.. we absolutely LOVED it. But at this point we decided not to ban R-rated movies and chose to watch some of them. I find it funny that your mom said "we have to decide for ourselves"... that sounds like independent thinking, if you ask me!

    bendrr: You couldn't watch Knight Rider?! LOL!! What a lame reason... "a man that does not exist." I love Married with Children but that too was not allowed in my parents house.

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