Adam could have put Jehovah In Paradox!

by JohnTron72 54 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • cofty

    There is no Satan in Genesis. In fact there is no Satan pre-exile. The Jews adopted dualism from the Zoroastrian religion during their time in Babylon.

    In Genesis it is just a talking serpent with legs.

    (Could you turn off the bold font and use more paragraphs please?)

  • Simon

    It's just a really bad fable, so Adam could have played his best Pokemon to win ... it would make just as much sense as a flaming sword and talking snake.

  • JoenB75

    To me and many modern scholars talking snake and supernatural trees belong to the world of allegory and symbolism. Evolution and geology have made that conclusion essential although it was always there. Adam and Eve probably represents an early community

  • JoenB75

    Jw org seems to side with the Augustine view of Adam. Russell might have been closer to the better view of Irenaeus

  • RubaDub

    Another theory is that the fruit on the Tree of Knowledge was actually poisonous.

    Adam and Eve ate the fruit and the snake (Satan) was laughing his butt off knowing that it would give them the shits.

    Adam and Eve spent the next few days having the squirts all over the Garden and God became angry that they were stinking up the place since they had not yet installed the indoor plumbing in their new house.

    They kept plenty of leaves around since they did not know where to buy toilet paper.

    Anyway, they were cast out and the rest is history.

    Rub a Dub

  • pale.emperor

    As soon as I get to talking animals, that's when I know I'm reading a fictional book.

  • JoenB75

    It is funny all the talk is about Adam and Eve, not the humans of Genesis 1

  • waton
    the suffering that would be brought upon billions upon billions of innocent people, well,

    SL: well the bible is sometimes right: the these billions are just "collateral damage" for a character in the plot that is named "J----- of armies"

    wt illustrations of paradise show that mankind will be "bombed back to the stone ages."

  • JohnTron72
    So I see from the many replies that this website is frequented by more Atheist than Witnesses or Christians and that's ok. If you don't even believe in Jesus then the comments about Adam and Eve being fairy tale stories proves you don't believe in Jesus who himself said " I am the last Adam" so, your comments prove you don't even know enough about Jesus to comment anyway. I see to some who replied, Star Trek is more real to you than God is. I myself believe God exist while some will deny him with the very brain he made for them. If you deny Adam existed than you deny Jesus existed too and you'd look for any reason to not be feel responsible for your own actions good or bad either way. It's slot like how those in Science must push ideas where God isn't in the equations. After all, what good is finding a new planet to make a name for yourself if God made it ? With everything that exist around us it would be too many coincidences to not have had a creator. I could never deny that fact no matter how bad the world will get. It's all going to show man that Satan's Original Lie wasn't true, that man really doesn't need God to make the right choices. Man has failed for centuries to end Wars or world problems. The first lie will become apparent to everyone through time that felt they didn't need God or simply didn't believe he existed.
  • cofty

    Well that was quite a sermon there Johnny Boy. Do you feel better now?

    Quick question. Is it ever morally good for one human to own another human as a possession?

    If not, why does your god disagree with you? (see Leviticus 25:44-46)

    If the bible isn't a reliable guide for how to live our lives why are you pretending that even the stories about talking snakes are of some value?

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