Adam could have put Jehovah In Paradox!

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  • JohnTron72

    I'm going to be the first and throw this out there for others but, from careful study of the scriptures I've found a loophole that even Adam who was perfect at the time missed! I'm sure everyone has heard the conundrum about ,"Can God create a Rock he can't lift?" And if he can't create one he can't lift, then God cannot do everything" Well that doesn't really matter since we know Jehovah says himself he cannot lie right? Sure he could lie but, he chooses not to right? He also chooses to not turn back faults in time or even look ahead to see if something he created ( like the angels, Satan, Man will one day stumble) Right? Well here's a Paradox that could have happened where Adam could have still been Alive to this day! Sure, we all know that Satan used his position to throw a wrench in Jehovah's Cogwheel of plans for all creation but, did you know Adam could have at one moment in time have even bested Satan and actually been the only one who could have made Jehovah's words prove false!!?

    Here is what Adam could have done!..

    Remember how Adam also ate from the tree of Knowledge and Jehovah told him "Did you not remember my saying upon eating of the fruit, from that day you will surely die?" Well, Adam and Eve had to be cast out of the Garden of Eden after that so they couldn't also then eat from the other tree, the Tree of Life or, they would have continued living. But, really Adam had a better weapon than the tree of Life which at that one point of time he could have used and still been alive today! HOW SO?? Well, remember how Satan told the first Lie that lead to Jehovah uttering the first prophesy about the snake being bruised in the head and man bruised in the heel? This prophecy depended on Adams line of children so that one day Jesus would come through the line of man to balance everything the first man Adam had unbalanced. At the time that prophecy came from Jehovah, Adam had not yet boar a child with Eve. All the angels in Heaven were watching and saw what Satan had done to challenge Jehovah and Jehovah gave all free will to do as they wished too. He didn't make robots to do his bidding right? So at that moment, Adam could have weighed his options and concerning his Everlasting life ending, could have told Jehovah: " You have said Jehovah that from the day of my eating of the fruit I will truly die". My wife Eve was truly deceived but, I knew. However Jehovah, I understand now I sinned and I feel shame were I was innocent before. So, I ask that you forgive us this once and I will take this new knowledge I've learned and do better. You have said to me from this day I will die" then let me die this very day and then ressurect me tomorrow morning and let me prove to have learned from this once and continue better. But, if you choose to me grow old and die from this day on, then with my everlasting life in the balance I Will NOT bare a child with Eve and with all watching from heaven your Prophesy from your mouth will prove to be untrue"! If I grow old and die, your prophecy will not happen and your word will prove to be the second Lie" And you have said you cannot Lie". So you have only the option technically to have me die this very day so your words stay True and then you can ressurect me or, with everyone watching show you don't really give us free will and put doubt into their minds too that you created us to push around to do your bidding and have no choice!". So, there is the Paradox everyone, at that one moment 6,000 years ago Adam had the ability to have stuck it to Jehovah even more so than Satan. If Adam had given some thought to it with his perfect mind, Jehovah would have had to do Man's bidding or his word would have became a lie! " Never since that one point in time has anyone has anyone had Jehovah truly against the wall. And just an added point, had Adam chose to kill Eve and or himself, that too would have created a Paradox so, Jehovah would have had to have let Adam live on until he chose to if ever have a child with Eve. Think about that one! Sounds like a good Sci-Fi story or something from Star Trek huh? Bet it has you thinking now?!!....

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    If Adam had given some thought to it with his perfect mind,

    The bible says jehovah created them perfect, how are we to know n believe this. Satan also managed to "fall" despite the so called perfection.I doubt the whole bible anyaway.

    No further thought needed.


  • nowwhat?

    You know how a little child will unashamedly run around the house naked? Adam may have been perfect but had the intelligence of a little kid. It wasn't until they ate the fruit and became like God they realized they were naked. So you're theory is flawed. Hope you didn't stay up all night thinking of it!

  • waton
    ressurect me tomorrow morning

    Jt: interesting spin on a badly spun talking animal story of the bible.

    Letting Adam die a young death would have also have him pay for his sin, (even had he eaten) and restored his perfection, problem is though: In the resurrection rule, people cant procreate any more, are like angels.

    Here is a thought I had last night:

    Adam should have impregnated Eve before dinner., fruits h'or d 'oeuvres, deserts, appetizers even. He was under command to do so, How did he dare disobey?

    That way, she would have been a prototype of what Mary became later, an imperfect surrogate for perfection offspring. .As a still perfect man it surely would have been twins. , or sextuplets, boys and/or girls, either way more offspring would have become carriers of perfection.

    Then the "Universal sovereignty nonsense" sparring could have been perfection and imperfection*, without interference like floods, language monkeying. to skew the odds.

    *demon offspring would have been imperfect, spawned by sinning angels from perfect ladies. ha ha. -- now:

    what can we do with the talking wolf story and little red riding hood?

  • Giordano

    There's no Adam for gods sake! It's ancient Jewish bull shit based on even more ancient historical fictions.

    Lets take a look at the fiction of the Flood. In an insane moment God decides to kill every animal and human on the planet because they are evil. However a small number can take refuge in an ark.

    According to the Bible account God caused the death of anyone and thing not on the ark.

    Of course there is no record of a world wide evidence. Doesn't matter..... as it is uneducated religious idiots that maintain that a flood happened.

    So here's my point. God wants everyone dead except those on the ARK because otherwise they are all wicked. Every man, women and child? They all deserved to die.

    Here's your first Jim Jones moment. They all deserved to die..... even the unborn.

    So........ what about the unborn? They deserved to die cause this god said so. I suppose with his innate ability to read the future they were all destined to be wicked and deserved to die in their mommies tummy.

    Unfortunately history tells us that the world after this phony flood .....returned to it 's norm...a world of good and bad.

    Of Course with this god's ability to see the future somehow he did not have the ability of seeing that the world would return to evil practices.

    After all of this....... God is now a colossal failure.

    I have one final thought........why didn't he send his son down to that wicked pre flood world with an army of angles to clean up his mess?

  • dubstepped

    Since it's all a fairy tale, there are really no limits to what Adam could have done. It was all left to the imagination of the writer and how he wanted the story to go. I'm not sure why Adam didn't just get on a talking donkey and ride off into the sunset, past the burning bushes, across the Red Sea, and go start a new life in The Shire with the hobbits.

  • truth_b_known

    If Captain Kirk was Adam then that is exactly how it would have played out. Haven't you seen Star Trek V: The Final Frontier?

  • waton

    wt literature: fairy tale for sale.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    While I don't believe in the Adam and Eve story, you don't have to be an all knowing God to know that Adam won't be able to pull out for hundreds of years with a perfect-super-furtile women designed by God himself. So, yeah, having kids was an obvious observation.

    As for God allowing this to happen in the first place knowing full well all the suffering that would be brought upon billions upon billions of innocent people, well, that's not justice. That bringing hell on earth. That never made sense to me, even when I tried to convince myself.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Really hard to swallow that what one man supposedly did in the garden of eden thousands and thousands of years ago could possibly effect the entire universe!

    dubstepped said it right!

    just saying!

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