New Light: Clap when it is given a Reinstatement ad

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  • TheTruthBR

    A new letter was posted in to the elders who are under the Brazilian Branch:

    January 25, 2016
    Ref .: Clap when given a readmission ad
    Dear Brothers:
    We would like to inform you about a recent adjustment. In the past, we considered
    inappropriate for the congregation clap when the elders announced a reinstatement
    (km 2/00 p. 7) But, as explained in The Watchtower May 2016, page 32, there
    Biblical reasons that allow you to clap your hands spontaneously and dignified manner
    when such announcements are given. So if publishers want to clap, elders should not discourage them from doing so.
    Accept our warm Christian love.


    25 de janeiro de 2016
    Ref.: Bater palmas quando é dado um anúncio de readmissão
    Prezados Irmãos:
    Gostaríamos de informá-los sobre um recente ajuste. No passado, considerávamos
    inapropriado que a congregação batesse palmas quando os anciãos anunciavam uma readmissão.
    (km 2/00 p. 7) Mas, como será explicado em A Sentinela de maio de 2016, página 32, há
    razões bíblicas que permitem que se batam palmas de maneira espontânea e dignificante
    quando tais anúncios são dados. Portanto, caso os publicadores queiram bater palmas, os anciãos
    não devem desencorajá-los de fazer isso.
    Aceitem nosso caloroso amor cristão.
    Seus irmãos
  • Divergent
    Readmission as in the elders have given the green light for a disfellowshipped / disassociated person to return to the congregation?
  • TheTruthBR

    Readmission = REINSTATEMENT

    In portuguese the word is 'readmissão'. Wrong translate, sorry.

  • Divergent
    No problem. Just saw that you corrected it. Makes more sense now! =)
  • Magwitch

    It wasn't that long ago that we were read the letter that we could not clap at reinstatement announcements.

    Once again we see proof of that Chariot moving forward with all those great blessings.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Another day, another flip flop in jw-land!

    just saying!


  • sir82

    This has not been sent to US elders, at least not yet.

    The (strobe) light gets brighter!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    km 2/00 p. 7 Question Box

    Is it appropriate to applaud when a reinstatement is announced?

    In his loving-kindness, Jehovah God has provided a Scriptural way for repentant wrongdoers to regain his favor and achieve reinstatement in the Christian congregation. (Ps. 51:12, 17) When this takes place, we are encouraged to confirm our love for such sincerely repentant ones.—2 Cor. 2:6-8.

    Even so, as joyful as we are when a relative or acquaintance is reinstated, a quiet dignity should prevail at the time that the person’s reinstatement is announced in the congregation. The Watchtower of October 1, 1998, page 17, expressed matters this way: “We must remember, however, that most in the congregation are not aware of the particular circumstances that led to a person’s expulsion or to his reinstatement. In addition, there may be some who have been personally affected or hurt—perhaps even on a long-term basis—by the wrongdoing of the repentant one. Being sensitive to such matters, therefore, when an announcement of reinstatement is made, we would understandably withhold expressions of welcome until such can be made on a personal basis.”

    Although we are very happy to see someone return to the truth, applause at the time of his or her reinstatement would not be appropriate.

  • OrphanCrow
    Geez...when is the BOE letter coming out that tells the JWs how many squares of toilet paper to use when wiping their asses?
  • Divergent

    So brother Pedophile can now expect applause when he is reinstated!

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