New Light: Clap when it is given a Reinstatement ad

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    A subject of this nature and the decision given would not be done on a "local" level only -

    This letter must surely be made-up - so hold fire !

  • TheOldHippie

    ... we considered inappropriate for the congregation clap when the elders ...But, as explained in The Watchtower May 2016, page 32, there Biblical reasons

    "inappropriate for the congregation clap" and "there Biblical" - is that an English that you would find in a WT letter?

  • millie210

    With all the problems that exist in the Org today, this is what they are amending?

    This is what they are focusing on?


  • dubstepped

    millie21020 minutes agoWith all the problems that exist in the Org today, this is what they are amending?
    This is what they are focusing on?

    I had the same feeling when I was on my way out and saw the Tony Morris rants about tight pants and patterned socks. They had millions watching for the first time and that is what they focused on. I believe in the Bible the whole "straining out the gnat and gulping down the camel" would apply. They ignore the big things while focusing on minutia, and almost never focusing on love. It is all about narrowly interpreting the letter of some law and refusing to look at the spirit of it. They are a disgusting group. According to the Bible even the angels rejoice at someone turning their life around but it wasn't allowed in the Borg. They are just emotionally evil people.

  • dozy

    In my old cong we had a "brother" reinstated after being DFD after an affair with someone at his work. At the end of the meeting after his reinstatement he was getting handshakes and "high fives" from most in the congregation as if he had just returned from winning a trophy at a sports event.

    His wife ( by then they were separated ) just sat in her seat , obviously upset. I was an elder at the time & although I wasn't involved in the JC I insisted that out of general humanity we broke WTBTS rules to tell her on the morning of the meeting that he was being reinstated , giving her the option to perhaps miss the meeting if she wanted. She had the guts to come in and I remember sitting watching her visibly shaking with nerves as the announcement was given. How she would have felt if the congregation had burst into "spontaneous" applause , I don't know. I suspect she would have burst into tears.

  • punkofnice
    clap your hands spontaneously and dignified manner


  • sir82

    Still not posted to US elders yet.

    But the style is pure Watchtower-ese. I suspect it is real.

    You might be a member of a high-control group if.... have to wait for your 7 leaders to determine whether you are permitted to applaud in a particular circumstance.

  • Mephis

    "There are scriptual reasons..."

    For 15 years there weren't. And then there were, again. Farce of a cult. Lovebombing reinstatement video out soon then?

  • OrphanCrow
    mephis: Lovebombing reinstatement video out soon then?

    Haha! I was thinking more along the lines of a Caleb video.

  • Mephis
    That's even creepier :D Maybe have the reinstated person's songbook sing about how happy it is to be back at meetings? ;)

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