The Worst Thing You Ever Did As A Jehovah's Witness

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  • suzi_creamcheez

    stop it, minimus!

    seriously, i think the JWs crippled my fashion sense for life. one of my roomates thot I was a Mormon because of the way i dressed <sob!>. -suz

  • Mulan

    Cutting off our 17 year old son when he was disfellowshipped for smoking. He ran off to live with my disfellowshipped brother, who very lovingly took him in, as I see it in retrospect.

    He got reinstated twice, just to be with the family. After he was reinstated the last time (10 years ago), he never attended another meeting. A few years after that, neither did we.

    Eventually (during his second disfellowshipping) we relented and talked to him and had him back with the family. The years we didn't, will always haunt me though.

  • minimus

    I think anyone that shuns a loved one because they are compelled to, can't feel very good about it----whether it was at the time oronce you were able to put all pieces of the puzzle together.

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    My parents were on the way out by the time I became a teen. They stayed in longer than they wanted to keep friends. Sooooo I did lots of worst things. My saving grace was that I was just an unbaptized publisher. Got the public reproof once too. That really got the boys interested in me.

    I would say the worst I did was a series of naughty little things that worldly kids do without a second thought.

    But I like the no panties thing, if I'd thought of that it would have made my list of to do things.

  • minimus

    Stacy......Another bad girl.

  • ikhandi

    Turned in my ex best friend into the elders over a sin she committed. It was my first and last time doing that one. She never spoke to me again. I'm still sorry about that one.

  • Mindchild

    The worst thing I ever did is a toss up between an honest accident I had that completely covered a Circuit Overseer with mustard, from head to toe, an hour before he was to give his talk at an assembly. And the other was when I was a pioneer, I ended up taking a District Overseer on a Bible Study I had without telling him that one of the family members couldn't speak English and that his brother had to softly translate for him. I didn't realize that he would mistake the softly spoken Spanish for the place being demonized. He literally jumped up right after the prayer and screamed "run for your life, there are demons in here", leaving his book bag behind, running as fast as he could down the street. It scared him so bad he shit his pants and needed to take the rest of the day off.

    My bad enough without even trying? I tell you for sure they better never f**k with me or they will see my dark side.


  • minimus

    Mindchild, why not give some believable experiences next time?

  • shera

    That I thought like them...

  • Mindchild

    Minimus, sorry to dissappoint you, but these events happened as I described. If you look through my post history a year or so ago, you may find the details of the District Overseer in a previous post. How I managed to cover the Circuit Overseer with mustard was because I had voluntered to work at a local circuit assembly kitchen (back in the days when they served food) and had the job of opening cans. It was a big, old commercial can opener that was worn out, and I kept complaining that it needed replaced. After doing this three times, my kitchen boss asked the CO to talk to me about my "attitude." He came over with the kitchen boss and asked me if I knew how much a new can opener would cost and if I couldn't just make do with the old one without complaining. I told him it was next to impossible to open the cans and put a 5 gallon can of mustard on to prove it. I ran it through the opener 3 times and it didn't open. The CO decided to try it himself and ran it through once. I set the can on the table, not realizing that the can had actually been opened that time. I pushed down hard on the lid and it went deep into the mustard causing it to cover everyone nearby, including the CO. It was an accident, but at least I got a new can opener out of it. lol


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