The Worst Thing You Ever Did As A Jehovah's Witness

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  • Ben There
    Ben There

    Was an elder and a district convention overseer influencing people to give their lives over to the wt god. Sitting in judgement over other people who were not any worse than the sleaze I represented. Making the wt rich by designing and building their damn kingdom halls and assembly halls on the backs of unassuming people I convinced were god's chosen

  • Nosferatu

    I've got a really nasty one. It was Valentine's day. I was in grade 2. I came to my desk with a pile of valentines on my desk. I gathered them all up, and threw them in the garbage in front of the whole class. Guess I gave a really good witness. :(

  • minimus

    Hi Ben There-----How long have you been "out"? What was it that got to you?

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    Shunned my old boss when we ran into each other on the street after he got DF'd. Was a really nice man, and a great boss and teacher to me, and the shame of having ignored him stuck with me until the day I left. Clark, I hope you're on this board, man.

  • nobody told me
    nobody told me

    Lied to a sister so I could have proof of a serious sin and thus have a JC, She was D'fed. She has never recovered from the D'fing. No one did shit to help this sister, elders included, but we all could rally in the name of rightouesness to put her out. The borg has no human touch to it, just a bunch of idiotic man made ideas, that for the most teach mock humility.

  • czarofmischief

    Wow, nobody told me!!!!.

    That's harsh.

    You need to make amends before karma gets you.


  • minimus

    Nodody....Would you mind elaborating on what you did?

  • suzi_creamcheez

    i can relate to what you all are saying. I cringe to think of how I behaved; critical, arrogant, and rude. I still see the same anger and self-righteousness in me, like it is hard wired in my brain.

    I also wore a lot of ugly polyester and used a rainbow of highlighter markers to color my WT. and once I wore hot pink underwear under a white skirt out in field service. =suz

  • oldcrowwoman

    I allowed myself to join the org.


  • minimus

    Suzi----You hussy, you!

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