The Worst Thing You Ever Did As A Jehovah's Witness

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  • minimus

    Blondie, was this guy drunk in the morning before he gave the Public Talk?

  • Mary

    We gave the PO's snooty, stuck up daughter some dried oregano rolled in some paper and told her it was pot and that the bible said it was okay to smoke it in "moderation". After the dummy smoked it, we told her what it really was. She was so pissed off that she went and told her daddy and we all got in semi-shit. Amazingly, the rest of the elder body laughed there asses off at her stupidity thinking it was 'okay' to do it in moderation......after all, she was a pioneer.

  • blondie
    Blondie, was this guy drunk in the morning before he gave the Public Talk?

    Yes, he was and they did not remove him until 3 years later when he plowed into a parked car in field service drunk as usual and it was in the daily newspaper. Blondie

  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    - same as wtsn, not going to my sister-in-law's wedding because she was inactive

    - preaching to my little brother about Jehovah and his standards (fortunately my bro didn't listen!)

    - hammering my best friend constantly about improving her "spirituality"

    - snottily asking a friend why he wasn't a publisher

    - when I was talking to an old high-school friend and she used the f- word, I replied "well your language certainly has grown up" - what an ass I was!!

  • Austrian

    I did doughnuts in an elders yard for df-ing a friend. I used to make out with my girlfriend in the KH library during the meeting. I was a rotten JW... By the way Viv, way too cute avatar...

  • Cicatrix

    Believing the elder who told me that I was going to doom my children to death in Armageddon if I didn't stay in the organisation.

    Not trusting my gut instinct to leave the org a year after I was baptised, and staying in for fifteen very long years.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    The Worst Thing You Ever Did As A Jehovah's Witness

    One time I was not paying attention during the Service Meeting. I was standing in the back of the hall next to the sound box talking to a brother about my Bible study. The speaker got angry and told everyone to turn around and "look at what happens when someone does not pay attention". Naturally everyone did and there were quite a lot of snickering.

    That's my worst sin as a Witness. I'm sure that's why God hates me.

  • ScoobySnax

    I don't hate you BigTex!! or Nina! I think you're great.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Gee thanks Scott.

    I think it is impossible to hate Nina. She's such a sweetie.

  • minimus

    Hi Decki, I've never understood why these poor dates put up with this stuff!

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