Racist Antifa Member Goes on Killing Spree of White People, Kills Young Trump Supporter and Wounds Three Others

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  • ctrwtf

    The facts are that Dylan Roof is a self procalimed racist. Yes and he's insane. I think that by definition murdering racists are all insane. And they should be judged by their peers and condemned to whatever punishment the law prescribes.

    No one is making the story go away. But one has to acknowledge that certain media outlets as as well as posters sensationalize and politicize garden variety lunatics. It was on CNN, and on pretty much every news outlet. No one is making it "go away." I'm just questioning the somewhat shaky websites that are making political hay of this.

    I'm not certain how pointing out the fact that the perpetrator here is mentally ill stigmatizes all mental illness. It does however lay a groundwork wherein one gains perspective of what is motivating the crime.

    Besides...Everyone knows that its all Trumps fault

  • mfrederick

    "All of us, at least once in our lives, have had the urge to stab the stuffing out of another person and we all believed at the time that we'd be justified in doing so."

    Sorry if I took this out of context. i am very sorry you were bullied. I was too. But I'm not sure everyone has had thoughts like that.

  • Simon
    Sorry if I took this out of context. i am very sorry you were bullied. I was too. But I'm not sure everyone has had thoughts like that.

    What? So that's not what everyone else calls "Monday" ?

  • hothabanero

    The MSM won't cover black-on-white crime, especially the explosion of liberal terrorism. So the few outlets who dare to cover it are then labelled fringe and dismissed. It is pathetic. Everyone knows real white hate crime is nearly non-existing which is why the lying media act like a fat girl at a chocolate store whenever it happens. Trump even got called a racist for simply proposing to publish crime by immigrants bc it MUST be covered up. We must dare to talk about those things or things will turn ugly.

  • Bad_Wolf
    Crimes committed by right wingers usually don't get much publicity except for one. The young man who killed several black worshipers.

    Village Idiot - maybe that name fits. The media is overwhelmingly leftist and would gobble up any crime by right wingers to support their false narrative. Back up that claim with proof because the truth of the matter is that it's a leftist false narrative. It's so false, but leftists are so desperate for it to happen when it's not, which is why almost every so called hate crime done by the right is later shown to be by a lefty hoping the right gets the blame. That reasoning is also why blacks feel they are being slaughtered by the thousands by police each year when the facts speak a far different tale. Here is a recent example that mainstream media DID NOT pick up on. Too bad there was a camera showing who did it, because if it was really a Trump supporter/right then it would have been national/worldwide media coverage for weeks.


  • kpop

    Maybe it's worth noting that the OP's websites are pretty sketchy. Gotnews is a ultra right wing rag site founded by Chuck Johnson of Breitbart fame.

    Maybe it's worth noting that lunatic leftists attack anyone they don't agree with. Yes, the tired and true, "ultra right wing rag™" attack. Except, it's very embarrassing for you to label it that since Charles who is an award winning investigative journalist wrote for The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Los Angeles Times, American Spectator, Daily Beast, National Review Online, PJ Media, and The Weekly Standard. Imagine that. Imagine an ultra right winger getting vetted by the Daily Beast and LA Times.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Charles is an anti-Semite™ and cross burning KKK member. After all, he's "ultral right wing," not just right wing! LULZ Oh, what's that? "Charles has worked for Alan M. Dershowitz at Harvard Law School, Seth Lipsky at the New York Sun, Carl Schramm at the Kauffman Foundation, and Charles Kesler at the Claremont Review of Books." Amazing, these anti-Semites are very brazen working alongside all these Jews.

    But I'll let you back up your claim of his site being "sketchy" by proving one false claim or article. Do it.

    The reality as reported by the NYTimes is that this "racist" attacker was recently involuntarily committed because of mental instability. Just another nut job I'm afraid....

    So Dylan Roof was also just mentally unstable... I see, I see. When a white person kills a black person, it is a hate crime. When a black person kills a white person it is because he is mentally unstable. You should join the ACLU. They need smart people like you.

    Just be sure to show them his nice little video called "Haitian Revolution" before you propose your theory that Krendrik White was not acting out his hate against white people... and mention that he is a member of the "Revolutionary Student Front"


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