Racist Antifa Member Goes on Killing Spree of White People, Kills Young Trump Supporter and Wounds Three Others

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  • steve2

    Village Idiot, if you have to begin a post by saying, "Before anyone here accuses me of supporting this crime..." there is a high likelihood that either your timing sucks (hours after in happened for goodness sake when feelings are still raw) or you are arguing a point so incredibly subtle that readers cannot help but wonder about your "real" thoughts.

    It is never ever a good idea to try and lay social responsibility on victims of heinous crimes - or to imply as much - or to make political capital from them.

    I remember when I did undergraduate Sociology papers and listening to tenured lecturers expressing sympathy for unemployed youth engaging in burglaries and even aggravated robbery. Clearly these lecturers had secure homes and never had a gun pointing at them. Their expressed sympathy was a huge patronizing insult to the majority of unemployed youth who are law-abiding.

  • Simon
    Based on what I've seen most of Antifa are white.

    Berkeley's population is 85% white and I don't expect the 15% non-white make up the majority of the campus. Most protestors are white, daddy's trust fund bails them out when they get caught (or prevents the school taking action against people identified).

    the Charleston church shooting where nine black members were shot by Dylan Roof

    And imagine if someone were to say "well, those black people have generally been committing a lot of crime and disrespecting the white folk so there's a lot of resentment". But you DON'T. Not even fox news who you claim inspires killers have anything good to say about it or excuse it in anyway because normal people don't do that.

    You'd lose your leftist shit over it if anyone did.

  • freemindfade

    Village Idiot

    Have any of the individuals in these conspiracy theories you speak of been directly petitioned to kill liberals by the right wing lunatics they venerate??? or did they sort of just make that bit up on their own?

    Yea... probably not. I agree the likes of O'Riley are world class idiots and assholes, but I still have the common sense to realize there is a HUUUUUGE gap between them being idiots, and making people kill other people.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Jim Davis Adkisson the Unitarian Church killer He devoured books authored by Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity.

    Byron Williams who was going to shoot people associated to the ACLU. He made his attempt right after Glenn Beck spouted off about those establishments - just as an aside, but does it work the other way?

    What if the OP's murderer had read books by members of the far-left?

    What if other Antifa members who have committed violence had been reading books by members of the hard left?

    What's good for the goose ...

  • Hecce

    I think is a mistake to try to validate the barbaric actions that people like this criminal commit. A phenomenon that happens with revolutionary movements is that a lot of common criminals will join, not for ideological reasons but for personal reasons or just as a way of getting even with the system.

    I know of some people with very questionable credentials, some of them in prison for common crimes who became leaders of revolutionary movements and they are today "heroes of the revolution". In reality they were thief's, murderess, rapist and many other delinquents.

    So like I say is not wise to attach any ideological justification to atrocities like this one.

  • freemindfade

    It's just silly, people can spout awful ideas, but unless they are actually calling for violence (ala Islam and AntiFa, two groups Vi is quick to side with), blaming them is stupid. Unless you want to ban all opinions and generally mean people, yea that sounds great... antifascist indeed.. smh

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    (ala Islam and AntiFa, two groups Vi is quick to side with)

    I do not side with Islam and other similar minded associations and I consider it slander to say that of me.

  • freemindfade

    But you didn't say AntiFa!


  • freemindfade

    Admit it VI, you only like these AntiFa types because they are sticking it to the good ol boys and not for any rational, logical reason other than the way it makes you feel.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    At the risk of being called an ill-informed dumbass: how is stabbing four frat boys related to fighting fascism? If anything, this seems more like a plot to defame Antifa since it does not serve their professed goal in any way. Just a lone psycho with a knife. I don't see any deeper political message here.

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