Election Post-Mortem

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  • garyneal
    garyneal: I notice that you did not question the bit about sexual harassment.

    Because I was aware of his sexual harassment issues. Would you excuse Bill Clinton? If so then that is part of the problem. There's plenty of dirt on both sides of the fence and this election gave us two very bad choices.

    Donald trump has on several occasions suggested policies including surveillance and the creation of a database of Muslims, as well as the proposal that they could not enter the country. That is violating the US constitutions' guarantee of equal protection of religious expression and the first amendments clause about freedom of religion.

    I'm not in favor of any kind of surveillance on American citizens but I remember something eerily similar to the Patriot Act being enacted by one GW Bush. Never-the-less this still does not prove Donald to be a racist as religion is not a race and the conflation of the two is exactly what the regressives are all about.

    The use of these cute labels to identify the in and out group (racist misogynist homophobic white man or "regressive leftist"/SJW) would appear to exactly fit my diagnosis of the problem in my previous post.

    And who do you think started all of this? The regressive left is in the business of labelling everyone who disagrees with as racists, bigots, misygonists, and homophobes. The term, regressive left, comes from the very fact that they are trying to squash free speech, freedom of assembly, and want to cower in safe spaces. When blacks want their own spaces it reminds me so much of the days of Jim Crow. This is a REGRESSION, hence why the term, REGRESSIVE left.

    The issue is that next president is going to be a person who flirts with the idea of limiting the freedom of the press (specifically, change legislation so that he can sue newspapers who write bad stories about him) and put his political opponents in prison. Are those values reflecting the US constitution and democratic system in your opinion?

    No but like I said, a president does not have this kind of power and I doubt he would ever get this. How many other violations of the constitution did previous presidents get enacted? Plenty of dirt everywhere.

  • prologos

    He was in the eyes of many voters a law and order candidate, Among his voters were perhaps more of law and order persons. May be with age he will even learn to bring law and order into his male hormones.

  • garyneal

    If you do not understand this video then you have no clue why Trump won.


    To paraphrase Michael Moore, "The enemy of my enemy is who I voted for on November 8th." This includes the elitists and all the regressives.

  • Hecce

    Needed Refresher

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