Election Post-Mortem

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  • Simon

    I'm sure many people, republicans included, are shocked at the results of the 2016 presidential election. Really, WTF!

    The polls were wrong and although it's tempting to blame voter suppression and FBI interference, that would just avoid looking at the real issues for the loss. Clinton lost more than Trump won. She snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when the system was designed to put her in power. She had everything going for her - previous presidents and great surrogates, a healthier rebounding economy, a popular outgoing president.

    But she blew it.

    Why? Well, it wasn't just her.

    The democrats have, for far too long, pandered to political correctness and minorities beyond equality. When it comes to Islam, nothing "it" can do will cause them to ever condemn it or label it for what it is. Yet any minority issue is blamed on "whitey". Not only that, but "whitey" was ignored (in states that were just assumed to vote for her) and outright insulted in others.

    Maybe "whitey" got sick of it.

    Van Jones described it as a #whitelash which is a pretty good description.

    The trouble with creating a vacuum where people's fears are not recognized and their status is dismissed as unimportant and not relevant is that there is always someone willing to show up and lead that crowd elsewhere.

    Trump is a dangerous threat to American democracy and this will set the US back many many decades IMO. But it's not his fault. It's Clinton's and the DNC. They are they ones, with so much at stake, who decided that her personal ambition was more important than so many issues that affect so many other people.

    She did lie about her server, she should not get away with running her own and deleting things - if she mixes personal and state business and the state legacy should be preserved by law then unlucky, you chose to put your personal emails in that bucket so they should have been handed over.

    Is it the worst crime ever though? Well the Bush administration deleted some +22 million emails including all records concerning 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq and claims of WoMDs. Seems worse, much worse. But the Democrats just mutter and move on, never prosecuting a case (like they are now deciding to ignore Bridge-gate / Christie). The Republicans never let up. I have no doubt that Trump as president will commit far, far worse crimes and the democrats will concern themselves with whether gay people can have cakes made or not.

    Running a biased primary system and choosing someone so obviously flawed as a candidate was a huge mistake. Bernie should have been the nominee and would likely have become president. He was offering the voice and change that people were looking for and seem to have voted Trump for but in a rational human being.

    Clinton did "well" against Trump in the debates but really, it was a low bar and his low skills flattered her performance. She really wasn't that good - as good as a decent candidate should have been given the state of the opposition. There were topics she couldn't really prosecute because they would have shone a light back at her. Pathetic. Although he's an idiot, no one can deny that he says what's in his head (usually it appeared that second). She was too scripted and always seems calculating as the email leaks showed.

    What also failed was the media. Every day, they chased the "shiny thing" of Trump and played his every utterance but failed to dissect the claims and thought that being "fair" meant having someone who would take his side on a panel, allowing them free reign to peddle outright lies unchecked. The print media did better but the eyeballs were elsewhere.

    So now we suffer 4 years of a Trump presidency and I would be incredibly surprised if there weren't huge abuses of power and real harm done to the economy and people's rights. Look at the crowd of people he has round him - a real rogues gallery of thugs and sexual assaulters. It looks more like the Kremlin than the Whitehouse ... hardly surprising given Putin's back-stage involvement in things.

    Will Trump lock Clinton up? I doubt it, but I almost wish he would. Look at what SHE has caused to happen.

    The only positives I can think of right now is at least some of the PC nonsense might be trashed (unfortunately, probably along with some genuine rights). Trump does actually seem willing to call Islam what it is. But is the price worth paying? It seems unlikely that climate issues will now be even accepted as real and watch out for any agencies that act as protection against profit being severely undermined and, probably, the legal system itself. And let's not forget that his VP is a religious extremist from the opposite end of the spectrum. When did giving political power to religious extremists ever work out well?

    But hey, at least we'll get to see a sitting president appear in court for fraud ... if some Berlusconi-type laws aren't passed first of course ...

  • snugglebunny

    This result just tells me that there is a whole lot more going on in the minds of the electorate than is surfacing in the media. It's another one finger gesture from the electorate to their leaders, a real "fuck you, we'll do as we like" sort of gesture. Just like in the UK, there's a rebellion among ordinary folk who are being taxed to the hilt while also being told what they can and can't say in the name of ultra-liberalism. People are being squeezed and this virtual anarchy is the result. It's certainly not logical, but I'm beginning to understand it.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Excellent OP.

    I hope the Democrats will regroup and do some serious thinking after this election.

    Trump as president is absurd - I'm still coming to terms with the news myself.

    Hopefully his advisors will stop him going full retard and he'll only have one term in office.

  • Simon

    The wealth / inequality gap has been higher than it's ever been in history. Higher than times previously that have triggered wars and revolutions.

    If anything it's a mild, rather civilized, rebellion. But a rebellion none-the-less.

    People are sick of paying too much in taxes but the institutions they pay for failing to do their job (whether it's environmental protection, policing, child welfare or whatever).

    Some people in society can do no wrong and pay no price, whatever their crimes. Some pay all the time and can't get ahead.

    The perfect environment for an opportunist demagogue to step in and take advantage of.

  • undercover
    It's another one finger gesture from the electorate to their leaders, a real "fuck you, we'll do as we like" sort of gesture. Just like in the UK, there's a rebellion among ordinary folk

    Based a lot on fear with a good dollop of ignorance thrown in. I know quite a few people who supported Trump. They aren't bigots, or sexists, or even hard core right wingers. But they feel disenfranchised as the world changes around them. America is a big country, and the 'progressiveness' of the urban centers does not reach out into the rural areas where most people's lives haven't changed for generations. Due to a certain degree of ignorance, they fear new ideas and things unknown to them, and they buy into conservative rhetoric. Throw in the baggage that came with Clinton (and she did have quite the luggage compartment), and then when that candidate calls them 'deplorable', they get their back up. And just as moderate, well meaning Republicans held their nose and voted for Clinton, many of these decent, hard working, backbone of the working class folks revolted against the political machine of Clinton, held their nose and voted for Trump.

    It is sad to a degree that many of the decent people get swept up into the 'depolorable' basket along with the real bigots, sexists and hatemongers. But OTOH, if slop around in the mud with a pig, you might get mistaken for one.

  • kairos

    I'm still trying to figure out how to claim my fake $1000 bet "winnings"!

  • Lostandfound

    Pence said that Clinton "...lied with grace". Trump just lied.

    i have said this before but were these two the best that the US had to offer, sleaze oozing all around , pity help us all now. At least brick makers will be busy, supplying the walls building blocks between US and Mexico.

  • prologos

    hope he does the job he was elected for, because if not, bigger surprises than last night are waiting to happen.

  • steve2

    I agree with most of the OP.

    People who feel ignored change sides. They may do so to punish their "usual" affiliation and/or as a desperate hope that the other side will deliver on radical promises.

    Fear is a reliable motivater for changes in affiliation - as much in politics as it is in religion. That's why groups such as JWs do best when the fear card is most active.

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