Did you actually read the bible end to end?

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  • Finkelstein

    The bible should be used today as reference for human social behavior and expressed ideologies where ancients tried to endure in a time of ignorance of the world in which we live and about ourselves.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Not a good Bible (yeah- oxymoron) but I kept up with the 5-year schedule for the New World Translation completely once around.

    When you read with a JW mindset, and a JW schedule, you typically have no time left to question what you read.

    Otherwise, I agree on this:

    "And as for God, well words fail me to describe his disgusting behaviour. "

  • Crazyguy

    Did it twice as I was waking up, like has been said the fastest way to atheism is reading the Bible.

  • scruffmcbuff

    I read it cover to cover during my pioneer days.

    Its safe to say none of it has stuck in my head and i wish I spent the time studying literally anything else.

  • mikeflood

    Yea, read one time cover to cover, it took me one year, I think the Bible just shows how humanity has tried to resolve big questions, questions that doesn't have easy answers. That has brought all us here and the others sacred texts, and ancient philosophy too....

    Still wonders me when it was in the Bible 'accepted' having many wives or when you could take a sword and after a time that was not valid...I mean the change is dramatic sometimes.

    Anyway, the big questions are still there, and there's stuff in the Bible that could help...with a grain of salt I guess...

  • cofty

    Yes read it a few times.

    To be fair it's not all bad. There is some profound stuff in there. You don't have to ridicule the entire thing just to prove your credentials as a secualist. Ecclesiastes, Ruth, Lamentations, some of the Psalms and Job (minus the later intro and ending) are all good examples of ancient literature. Parts of the Gospels are fascinating.

    It is clearly not the work of a supernatural being and it reflects the ethics of Iron Age tribal society.

    Imagine you admired a painting hanging on your friend's wall. He replied that it was a genuine Rembrandt original. Now all you can do is fixate on all its flaws to disprove your dumb friend's lies. That's a pity because previously it had a certain appeal.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Yes, I have read the Bible through a couple of times, and have read the NT a half dozen times. I didn't get much from the OT, frankly, but I found the NT interesting enough. I most definitely did not use the NWT.

  • Diogenesister

    I was put off Ruth because I find the JWs excusing her sneaking into Boaz bed so hypocritical. Betcha he was married,(since they all married young) but no adultery because he was RICH. Guess nothing changes.

  • Finkelstein

    The bible writers/high priests had the positional task to make themselves appear connected to their deity Yahweh, all the grand activity of their god was made by them to create power and relevance to their god ( ie. Noah's flood , Daniel's prophecies, Armageddon ) and their relationship with his said chosen ones.

    In doing so they also created power toward themselves within that civilization.

  • zeb

    I am on my 3rd read and this time it is the KJ version which with its archaic wording you have to ..read not skim.

    Having waded through the old as you all say I find it is so refreshing a 'plunge in to the ocean' to read the new.

    The teachings of the Christ were light years ahead of the ancient laws and so simple yet when he healed on the sabbath they wanted to kill him for it. Thus was the pharisees addiction to ..rules. ..hmm, sound familiar eh?

    It has left me concerned that God would use humans as his force to do all the dirty work. This he would know would brutalize the survivors (Hmm no mention of Israelite casualties..) and leave them in many cases very arrogant thus setting a seed bed for future conflicts that resonate still today.

    I feel there are some chunks missing. I cant specify, gut feeling, perhaps one day further finds like the dead sea scrolls will occur to reveal.....?

    Me im a christian and note the small 'c'.

    Live long prosper in wisdom and peace.

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