I am from the UK, originally London, now Essex. I was baptised in 1970 at 17 years of age, and served as a regular pioneer for the next five years. Then I got married, after which I was an auxiliary pioneer about 50% of the time until 1978 when I could no longer swallow the bullshit. I was by then a ministerial servant, and was considered elder material. Towards the end of 1978 I stopped attending meetings and field service, and although I had numerous visits from elders, I never spent another moment in field service, although I did accompany my wife to the occasional meeting, and assembly until 1980, when I stopped completely. I openly admitted to the elders that I no longer believed what the WTS said, and had lost all faith in Jehovah, but in spite of that I was never disfellowshipped. I now consider myself an atheist, but I love to debate religion with anyone, particularly JWs when they call.